Two great low budget music videos shot on the GH2

I hope these inspire some shooting action. I sometimes get a accused of being a bit of a GH2 cheerleader, with pom poms. But the results from a $700 consumer camera speak for themselves. To me it will always be big news that aspiring filmmakers have access to this kind of image quality for $700, regardless of how much effort and money is required for good content.

The first video is by an Oslo based small production team called Welterwerk. DP is Christian Ekrem. I love the retro feel in this kind of content. The lenses were just as vintage. They used a Pentacon 50mm F1.8 (this is a $50 lens!), a Pentacon 28mm F2.8 and a Asahi Pentax 50mm F1.4. Wide open the Pentacon helped to give a cinematic softness which reduces the sometimes slightly too crisp and digital image from the GH2.

This video is one of the best arguments I’ve seen for using vintage lenses to give something which is more organic, a less plastic look.

Stylistically these videos are pretty different. The next is for band Electric Six. DP is Jason Roark (and, I hear, EOSHD reader!!). I was emailed this by the director Justin J Lowe a while ago and I have only just got around to posting about it, maybe I should showcase more work. It is not often you see something a bit different especially something that looks THIS GOOD with a $700 camera. I was really taken with the imaginative imagery on display – and the underwater fight scene. This is a more vivid and crisp looking video than the first, nice sharp lenses but it suits the content.

Here’s more on the Electric Six video…

How to make a music video with underwater fight scene for under 2 grand

Congratulations to everyone involved in the two videos above.