Rumoured Canon 7D Mark II specs

Canon 7D Mark II

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The media presentation for the GH4 by Panasonic mentions a “Canon 7D successor” along with detailed specs.

  • 20MP sensor
  • ISO 100-12,800 (25600 extended)
  • 1/8000 shutter
  • Quiet shutter mode
  • Phase detect AF, 19 area
  • 8fps continuous shooting
  • Buffer size – 15 raw, 126 JPEG
  • 3.0″ 1040k dot LCD (touch screen) – not articulated
  • Weather sealed (as original 7D)
  • 910g weight

Oddly the camera is mentioned as needing an optional transmitter for WiFi. That’s something I’m expecting Canon to build into the 7D Mark II itself like on the 6D. To have the document mention specifics like weight and dimensions is quite interesting. Where did they get the info from?

What do Canon have in store for video on the 7D Mark II?

As ever since these are rumours, take with several table top salt containers.

The 7D was a very popular camera with video pros and advanced amateurs. Since then Canon have moved video pros onto their own dedicated line (Cinema EOS) and left advanced amateurs to a sea of crocodiles.

Remarkably the 7D is still a popular camera with video enthusiasts, perhaps because until now the competition hasn’t really had a headline specification to beat it over the head with. 4K is that consumer headline specification. In order to reclaim the high ground with enthusiasts against the likes of the Panasonic GH4, Canon will need to address moire and aliasing, rolling shutter, higher frame rates and perhaps even go 4K. That’s a tall order and I can’t see the 7D Mark II having any of these features.

Instead I can see APS-C moving backwards slightly as Canon pushes ‘advanced amateurs’ towards full frame with the 6D (which incidentally also shoots very poor video with a lot of moire and aliasing unfortunately).

Previous rumours have mentioned ‘innovative video capabilities’ on the new 7D but I just don’t see it happening.

As for the release date I can see Canon waiting for Sony to move first with the A6000 and A7000 (successors to the NEX 6 and 7) before releasing pricing, etc.

I’m told the 7D successor is currently in the hands of a very elite few pros at the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia, along with the Nikon D4S. The D4S is expected to add 1080/60p and a new image processor but very little else in terms of video. I very much doubt it will shoot 4K even though the D4’s sensor can window off an area and do a full pixel readout… but we shall see!