Panasonic GH2 raw MTS footage now available for download

I’ve made some of my Photokina GH2 prototype footage available for technical analysis.

You can download the footage from Vimeo here. It’s shot in 1080/50i mode (50p on the sensor).

It’s important to first note that this is prototype footage and strictly not representative of the final product. Also if you mention the footage or link to it from other places, please make this clear and credit it to

In separate news, I am in the process of getting hold of a pre-release Panasonic GH2 for testing, filmmaking and review purposes. As regular readers will know I’m very enthusiastic about the product and have advocated the GH1 for a long time now, even over Canon’s offerings.

I am very much looking forward to using it again after the excitement of Photokina.

On the final day there I spotted a few more GH2 features. It now has an option in the menu for Continuous Preview which gives a what-you-see-is-what-you-get live view display in manual stills mode without having to switch to movie mode. A feature I wanted, and it seemed Panasonic realised was lacking on the GH1.

Manual audio control allows us to adjust levels, which can only be a good thing – I also noticed that sound from the onboard mic seems much improved.

Also Panasonic’s new press release confirms the presence of live HDMI out, simultaneously whilst recording video. It even goes as far as mentioning that this is for professional monitoring on sets. It does seem that they really are listening quite well to us filmmakers! I doubt it is an uncompressed output like on the AF100 with it’s HD-SDI output but I do know for what it’s worth that the GH2 has much improved HDMI output quality all round, without the same loss of fidelity and colour that the GH1’s had. The HDMI spec is now at V1.4 to support 3D as well.