HolyManta – the ND filter lens adapter


First 1.50 minutes is sample footage, you can fast forward to 1.50 for the technical info

Kickstart the HolyManta ND on FundedByMe

This is something I’ve wanted for a long time!

Focus and exposure are the most important things on a movie camera yet DSLRs don’t have a built in ND filter and you’re often left to shoot at ugly high shutter speeds such as 1/1000 in bright light to control exposure.

With this adapter you can add a variable ND filter wheel to any mirrorless mount camera (E-mount, Micro Four Thirds) effectively adding the main ergonomics advantage of the Cinema EOS C300 and Panasonic AF100.

bmpcc holymanta nd

The HolyManta appears to be an ND wheel which slides in front of the sensor just like on the C100, C300, FS100 and AF100. It has a variable ND control too – not sure yet whether this works with two polarisers like the ones that go in front of the lens currently and rotate.

This is particularly good news for Iscorama anamorphic shooters as the front of the anamorphic rotates when focussing, making a variable-ND filter which screws onto the lens kind of useless. A matte box is a solution but quite bulky. With this filter it goes behind the lens inside the lens adapter itself much closer to the camera and sensor. This means you can change lenses quickly as normal and not have to worry about stepping rings and filters.

The filter is very sharp, and the sample footage looks pretty good. Unless the Holymanta works with two polarisers then it will also fix the issue people have with reflective surfaces and variable-ND filters which screw onto the front of the lens. Shooting a car commercial with one for example is not possible.

Holymanta's creator

Above: the creator of the HolyManta ND, Thomas Läräng

The HolyManta lens adapter is only $200 if you buy one via the Scandinavian ‘kickstarter’ style website FundedByMe. This is a discount on the retail price. Don’t worry this is a trustworthy website. Watch the video from Holymanta’s creator above and consider it. Although there’s only two award levels $10 and $200, you will be refunded if the target isn’t reached so it is completely safe to take a punt on the full purchase and be first in line for one.

The adapter takes Canon EOS lenses (also Nikon, Contax Zeiss, M42, Leica R, OM, etc. with adapter rings) and mounts on Sony E-mount and Micro Four Thirds, benefitting both the Sony FS100 and Blackmagic MFT 2.5K / Pocket Cinema Camera / GH3. Take my money!!

Kickstart the Holymanta ND on FundedByMe

Check out more info on the Holymanta website

Thanks to eagle eyed as ever Frank Glencairn for the find