Fuji X-T3 to get 1080/240fps in next firmware update?

If this is true, we are in for some interesting improvements.

The Fuji X-T3 (and most likely X-T4) seem to be getting a 1080/240p high speed video mode.

As well as the new slow-mo mode, the X-T3 Version 4.0 firmware adds the new Classic Neg Film Simulation mode first introduced with the X-Pro 3.

There are AF improvements in low light.

A new HDR shooting mode can be seen in the screen shot above too – a feature the X-T4 has judging by new dials (see below):

Indeed, the back of the X-T4 sees quite a big change from the X-T3, almost all of it welcome.

I’m curious to see how the still/movie toggle feels in the hand, when the actual grip lever for that is recessed on the top/front of the camera, rather than somewhere under the thumb.

Interesting days ahead for Fuji users! We should see the Version 4.0 firmware announcement around the same time as the X-T4 announcement, coming in just a few days.

Source: Androidlad