Extent of rolling shutter reduction on 5D Mark III

5D Mark III jello

This Japanese test is quite revealing. Rolling shutter is reduced by half.

The 5D Mark III is a (expensive) refinement of a great cinema camera. As we know, ISO performance is almost clean at ISO 3200, and much improved at 6400 and 12,800. Aliasing and moire are reduced. There’s less false detail. The codec is fixed big time. HDMI no longer drops to 540p and so is much better for monitoring.

5D Mark III test rig

The 5D Mark III in action in Tokyo

I can’t say that the image in daylight at wide angle is any better than the 5D Mark II in terms of resolution. But bear in mind this is a pre-production camera. *Weeps*

5D Mark III vs II - Resolution

This video has now been changed to standard definition on Vimeo. Clearly, now the guy has now read the memo!

So I have not embedded it here – no point now.

I am on a hunt for D800 footage recorded via that camera’s uncompressed HDMI output now. If you have any please send it my way!