Blackmagic to release new ‘unified’ firmware update for all cameras

Blackmagic Cinema Camera ReWo cage

Blackmagic firmware Version 1.8 is set to be released for all cameras simultaneously. The good news is that the work to create a unified firmware seems to be done. This was the work which for so long was getting in the way of Blackmagic adding new features to their cameras (like histograms). From now on we could be seeing some more regular and more exciting updates.

Straight off the bat with 1.8 there’s a lot of new additions like 4K raw on the Production Camera and a new user interface for all cameras.

First a warning… the 1.8 firmware files actually leaked on Blackmagic’s official website earlier today. Some users have been trying it out on their cameras but this is not the final release and Blackmagic say it should NOT be used.

Says Terry Frechette of Blackmagic about the leak:

“This is not a software release we have approved. We don’t support it and it should not be installed on cameras. We will definitely let you know officially when the new firmware will be available to download.”

The leaked files are now offline but I am sure it is only a matter of time before the official announcement so it pays to wait for it.

Here’s what’s new –

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

• Updated user interface
• Improved performance when recording using internal microphones
• Improved instances where a grid-like pattern may occur in some flare highlights
• General improvements in autofocus with active MFT lenses
• Adds supports for stabilization in MFT lenses without physical O.I.S switches
• Improved support for Sigma MFT lenses
• Improved support for Lumix 12-42mm PZ lens
• Improved support for Olympus 60mm f/2.8 MFT lens
• Iris setting is retained when switching between camera recording and clip playback

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K

• Updated user interface
• Losslessly compressed RAW DNG recording support
• Addresses an issue where pixel artefacts are seen in edges with strong highlights while shooting in 1080 mode
• Adds autofocus support for compatible EF lenses

Blackmagic Cinema Camera

• Updated user interface
• Adds autofocus support for compatible EF lenses
• Improved debayering when shooting to ProRes or DNxHD
• Improved focus peaking display
• Improved ISO handling when shooting at ISO 1600
• Improved general audio performance
• Iris setting is retained when switching between camera recording and clip playback

Blackmagic Studio Camera

• Improved phantom power compatibility
• Addresses an issue with interlace video being output as progressive video