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Another big price drop on the Sony FS700


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Another big price drop on the Sony FS700 down to US$4K (comes with a free metabones adapter too!):
(was $6k when it dropped in September last year, and just last June it dropped to $5k)

Hope that leads to a big drop on the second hand market! (Because I wouldn't mind buying one cheap next year....)

Still believe the PMW-F3 was a better buy for me personally :-)

Newshooter just blogged about it too:

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I think the FS700 is a bargain at $4k

One of the nicest 4K images via HDMI you can get.

Don't forget it does raw via HD-SDI too.

Fantastic slow-mo and built in ND.

Very similar sensor to F5.

The ergonomics look ugly and it has the Sony fiddly menus & buttons but don't let that put you off because the images with an external recorder are stunning.

Just for internal 1080/24p though there are better solutions.

So if you plan to go for it, pair it with the Odyssey 7Q+ and factor in that extra $2k.

So it is really a $6k package but still a total bargain.

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I agree the max capabilities of the FS700 is really nice. But I'm skeptical if it is really worth it for a person who is starting from scratch and doesn't own an FS700. As you're left with a total cost only a couple of grand less than the way more friendly Spmy FS7 to shoot with. I know which I'd personally rather have!

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 4k DCI 12 bit raw,  4k 10 bit prores hq, both at up to 60fps continuous and over 120 fps for roughly 10 second bursts (240 fps continuous in 2k) 

  For comparison, the fs7 needs the XDCA Extension unit for 12 bit Raw capability and at a price of $2,000.  So, $10,000 vs $4,000 + free $400 metabones smart adapter  ( not including additional Q7 $ for each camera). 

Also, the fs7 with 12 bit raw weighs roughly 6.7lbs vs 3.25lbs for the fs700 (and are similar in size) Obviously there are many other meaningful specs and considerations not mentioned, but feature for feature, the fs700 is a compelling choice again, especially with the newest q7 firmware 8/2015 and the Alexa low con rec709  slog2 luts from Nick Shaw of Antler Post ( on CD's site).  Can find good examples on the web.


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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

Design looks exactly as a drawing of a C300 outline. FS7 without shoulder bottom/flush, rear EVF, top handle with LCD at the end, a narrow and tall design. 

I expect a lighter/smaller version of the FS7 that more resembles the C100/300 ergonomics, a handheld camcorder. 

1 -lacks the XDCA/RAW/240P/ProRes/V-Lock options
2 -lacks 4k 60p, tops at 120p at 1080p. 
3 -lesser connections (SDI/TIMECODE/GENLOCK), 
4 -Non-removable side handle with a different traditional design
5- Overall smaller 20-30% body with less buttons on the side
6- No shoulder designed back and not grip extension handle
7 -Everything else the same, NDs, same top handle+LCD apparently, E-mount, sensor, battery system, 4K HDMI, XLRs, S-Log, LUTs, 

One thing I can't expect is media, they will keep XAVC-I probably (not going to limit is to 8bit, XAVC-L) so it's a matter of SDs ability to handle XAVC-I 4K, and if not, then it'll probably be XQD. Unless they do go with a maximum 8bit XAVC-Long gop flavour which I highly doubt as it's not their at-the-moment standard ALL-I codec, they'll just give it 4K XAVC-I to whichever media can handle it at 4k30p/HD120p, even if it's XQD, and for the budget conscious one XQD and shooting at 8bit XAVC-L, MPEG422 is an option for all.

It'll be something just more compact and stripped down that shoots the same XAVC 4K 24p image at the 5000$ mark, I expect the same sensor at this point of course. 

That way, even the FS700 still has it's market for having the raw/240p/prores/sdi/gl/tc, the fs7 has it's market for all the features mentioned above, and this sits in the middle with highest-in-class value/features.

It will be a hit among all SLR/Mirrorless shooters wanting to step-up their business, heavily rivaling/damaging against the C100 MKII. Typical Sony.

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