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Samsung NX1 firmware v1.21 up now

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  • 3 weeks later...

I just hope the new firmware can address the battery waste of the interval capture setting. The screen stays on solely to countdown to the next picture...and if doing a long exposure it'll add a popup saying "keep the camera steady" the entire duration that is unnecessary and wasteful. If I had the option to completely shut off the display in a long timelapse I think I'd save a decent amount of power. I tried switching it just to viewfinder and it always reverts.

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I've been following Mirrorless Rumors and that lead me to EOSHD... I heard about the upcoming firmware and how it hasn't happened. Seems now that there are talks of an entirely new firmware. Myself, I own a couple GH4s and am just about ready to jump ship. I've known about V-Log since November and I'm frustrated after waiting nearly 6 months...

In the meantime, I have called Samsung and asked them to take a request to make a Log picture profile. I feel that the GH4 and the A7S are going to have a serious advantage and therefore, I can't buy the camera of choice, the NX1 (with Adobe H265 decoding). I got to admit, Samsung was happy to take my suggestion about adding a Log picture profile. They were genuinely excited to hear customer / potential customer feedback. It's easy to say that I respect that and that I appreciate their business.

Meanwhile, I've called Panasonic twice. The first time took me 45 minutes to explain to Tech Support that I am interested in testing V-Log L. After 45 minutes, they told me that their engineers would contact me within 24 - 48 hours. 96 hours later, I called them back. Next, they told me they would call me back in 24 hours. It's now over 36 hours later. The first conversation was a waist of time. The second conversation was a waist of time. In my opinion, they could care less.

So, for fun, I started searching for a new camera that's less than $1500 and has a high megapixel count. I called Nikon to talk to them about their D5500. The camera has 14 stops DR, crazy-low rolling shutter, and has a clean 1080P image with a Flat Profile. However, if you're like me, you know that Nikon's Flat Profile is basically what the GH4 has had for the past year and the NX1 has had in the last couple of firmware updates. It's no Log profile. So, I asked Nikon's tech support group if they would take a suggestion to allow the shooter to create their own picture profile settings using an adjustable Gamma Curve. Nikon's answer was, "We already have it. It's called Picture Control Utility. You can create your own Picture Profiles based on current Picture Profiles and then apply your own gamma curve. Next, you'll save them them and add them to the camera." WHAT? On Friday, I'll give it a test and make my own Log profile for the D5500 based on the Flat Picture Profile. Why wait around for these 4K DSLR companies to release firmware updates when they don't even tell you when they are coming?

Hypothetically, if 30 out of a 100 people can't tell the difference between Full-HD or 4K, but 50 out of a 100 people can see the difference between 14 stops and 12 stops latitude, then maybe the latitude of the image is where I need to be? And for what it's worth, the D5500's "theoretical 14 stops" may only cost 60% of the $1500 consumer 4K DSLR. Why not shoot with a Log profile to an external BM 5" display or an Atomos?

Currently, there is not much quality control in the business. It seems like one product is totally awesome in one respect or another, but then totally fails in another respect. It's about time we came together. These cameras are awesome tools in need of some serious upgrades / suggestions from their users. For sure. Where's the 2.5K? Where' the 48 FPS? Where's the Log? Where's the Raw? Why are we reminded every time we switch to 4k that it requires this? Why can't we chose which areas of the sensor we want to record and see how that affects frame rates?

Long story short, thanks for making this NX1 list. It's awesome to read how the NX1 actually performs from individuals who use the camera and understand how it works. I think I am a lot like you in the fact that I am looking to invest my time, energy, and money with a tool that continues to evolve and push limits.

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I see your point, but it's still better than not having it. I guess many A7S users are happy with internal S-Log2.

​Well I'm not so sure about that...

And A7S users - a lot of them - use external recorder, so they actually record in PRORES... nothing like the heavy compression of H265. For those who don't use external recorder, the internal sony codec is much less destructive than H265 (I think, I am no expert).

I think it is the exact same reason why we don't see Log on GH4, and I kept saying since day one of the rumor, that I will never come out. I would be happy to be wrong, but only if the results are useful.

On Samsung NX1 I tink GAMMA DR, with contrast -5 is as flat as you can get on this camera... And GH4 Cine-D is so noisy... I wouldn't go any flatter... actually I stopped using this setting...

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Actually, 10bit in 4k for nx1 and higher bitrate would be overdue, along with log.

200mb/s in h.265 could keep a lot of iq and dr at 10bit, and would only require an sd able to write at about 30MB/sec (with overhead). Nx1 can do almost 60MB/sec in I/O.


I wonder if the hw encoder can reach 10 bit, though.

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