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  1. apparently will have internal raw video as well... mentioned in the video briefly around the :55 mark
  2. Anyone think the 4k might just be for time-lapse like the 6d2?
  3. Apparently no V Log until October according to Panasonic NZ https://twitter.com/panasonicnz/status/622950184268369920
  4. LensRentals.com's first impressions: http://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2015/07/first-impressions-of-the-canon-xc10
  5. I've been using one of their focal reducers for my BMPCC and I haven't taken it off since I got it. It's the EF to MFT adapter, but I use it a lot with my m42 glass (with Canon adapter) and its worked really well for me. I know it's not the same one you're looking at, but wanted to share my experience with their products. Haven't seen any blue spots or anything to make it unusable.
  6. ​ ​Perhaps a poor choice of wording. I guess the question would really be "is it logical to buy right now?" No harm in waiting, just curious to see what people think. ​Oh I love the look of the NX1 for sure... it quite unique in certain aspects, but I can't use it as a daily driver... Trying to find a way in my budget to keep it around (also works fantastic as a stills camera). ​This is true. I once wrote off the A7s, and now I've got it in sight again. Thanks for all the answers.
  7. Currently, I am shooting with an NX1 and I love the images I am getting from it, however, the workflow is killing me. When I got the camera, I thought transcoding wouldn't be so bad, but a few months down the road, it's starting to take it's toll on me. The fact that I can't easily preview anything before I bring it in to edit (other than actually opening a player to view it - rather than using my preferred method of OS X spacebar preview) slows me down a lot and obviously transcoding doesn't speed anything up either... I shoot a lot of events so I end up with a ton of small clips that I need to look at to pick the right ones. SO I'm looking to either replace it or add something to my arsenal that I wouldn't have to wait hours to transcode before editing. What I'm curious to pick your brains about is if the A7s is still worth picking up nowadays with the looming A7r II coming soon. 4k isn't necessarily required (we just went HD about three years ago, so no plans to upgrade to 4k yet) but it is useful for talking head pieces. I also shoot in a lot of dimly lit situations that I am unable to light, so the A7s seems like it would be beneficial for said situations... The NX1 isn't terrible in lowlight, but I feel like our old Canon 6D used to handle lowlight much better and I'm missing that as well. Any thoughts would be great! I'm all ears (eyes?) to suggestions.
  8. I second the -5 for contrast. Smart Range, I believe, is related to audio, not video.
  9. Varavon has a cage (though they don't seem to promote it much): http://varavon.com/products/armor-nx1 Walimex also makes an adjustable cage similar to the Wooden Camera one posted above that is a bit cheaper: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1040129-REG/walimex_pro_19884_uni_xl_adjustable_cage.html
  10. It's rumored to be coming in a future firmware update according to mirrorlessrumors
  11. ​There are English version as well. You just have to click around to find them. http://sourceforge.net/projects/rockymountainsmovieconverter/files/osx-64/ Use this link, then download "RMCC-" I had the same issue when I first downloaded it because the main download link is the Korean version hah, but I clicked around long enough and found the English version.
  12. ​I'm still curious what this will be all about...
  13. ​No moire at 4k on the NX1... at least in my usage. Its there in 1080p, though.
  14. You could always do a SpeedBooster with the a6000 to get near full frame.
  15. Lovely video with one of the coolest openers ever. Great work!
  16. Stakers

    New NX1 Issue

    You know what, on further inspection it actually is still happening. It's there in DCI @ 24fps and UHD @ 24fps and 23.98fps... Strangely enough it doesn't show up on UHD @ 30fps. Stranger still, it appears the same on both DCI and UHD 24fps, but going to UHD 23.98fps the line goes all the way across the frame and is reversed (darker on top, lighter on the bottom). Hmm... This is puzzling as I didn't notice any issue all weekend long.
  17. Stakers

    New NX1 Issue

    I wouldn't say I found a fix per se, but when I updated from 1.10 to 1.20 I haven't noticed it at all. Mine was only doing it in DCI, so it was easily avoidable as UHD has a better quality image. Just tested it out again and it's not there. Sorry I can't help much.
  18. I'm not sure how to do it thru iLauncher... I downloaded the .zip from Samsungs website, unzipped it, and then put the nx1.bin file on an SD card and did the update on my camera.
  19. Stakers

    New NX1 Issue

    ​I must have missed that when I read through that article. Thanks for the tip! ​The issue is present in DCI mode at both 25p and 24p. Still not sure what's causing it, but if UHD is indeed the better format to shoot in, then it's not so much of an issue for me (just need v.1.20 to drop so I can shoot 24p in UHD rather than 30p or 25p). It's a weird bug... it doesn't happen right away. It kind of "warms up" to that area in the top left. Starts of even across the frame and then there's a weird flicker and line that changes position with the shutter speed.
  20. The other day I decided to upgrade to firmware v.1.10 out of curiosity to see if my camera could also suffer from "the drift" that others were experiencing (I hadn't been able to get my camera to do it at all with the stock v.1.01 firmware unless Framing Guides was turned on). Sure enough, after the firmware update I was able to see it. Sunday morning was the first time I was able to use my NX1 in a real world setting (not just sitting at my computer pointing it at my screen and around the office). Using the NX1 just as I would my BMPCC and old Canon 6D, I saw absolutely no drifting or flickering at all. Shot about 9gb of HVEC footage and it all was exposure drift/flicker free. I'm not sure what kinds of settings you all will be shooting in, but I shoot a lot of "concert" type settings -- I work for a large multicampus church with different kinds of lighting -- and I feel like this camera is going to be great for my work. I put together just a quick 10min edit of some of the footage I got.. Some 4k downscaled, some 1080p @ 120fps and some at 24fps to share with you all. I tried to include shots that would, according to this thread, suffer from the exposure drift/flicker bug: I've added some grain, wb, and small color corrections to this footage. I can't attest for DR or anything else at the moment as I've only used the camera once for a couple hours on Sunday morning. The NX1 will definitely be a keeper for me, and with the additions that 1.20 will be adding, all the better. The colors are fantastic, the ergonomics great, and stills quality surprisingly good! This was also quickly transcoded to h.264 using Samsung's Movie Converter as I haven't had a chance to dig into iffmpeg yet. I also realize that we all shoot different kinds of videos, so take this with a grain of salt... Your style of shooting might suffer from this drift, but I just wanted to share some real world testing.
  21. Stakers

    New NX1 Issue

    Thanks for the tip Ed, but I was already using a 97% charged battery when I noticed this. Still not sure what's causing it unfortunately...
  22. Stakers

    New NX1 Issue

    Okay, so I've been following this forum and website for awhile now, but just recently started posting. The NX1's offerings intrigued me when Andrew got his hands on his, so I decided to get it rather than the GH4 regardless of the multiple accounts of "exposure drift" people had been talking about. Got mine two days ago, I'm running stock firmware, and no exposure drift... However... I recently discovered this fun little feature: For whatever reason, a line that has a different value has appeared. Didn't notice it the first two days of owning the camera and I've hardly even had a chance to use it other than to take a couple videos to check the exposure drift issue and and some photos here and there. The thing is, it only shows up on DCI mode. UHD and FHD are both free of this issue. You can see the line moving as I change the shutter speed (I've included what shutter speed I'm at). First video is just an example of what's happening. Second video is with no lens shooting ISO 6400 (and yes, this line is visible in all ISOs) with my hand cupping the front of the camera. Any one else have this issue?
  23. Perhaps this is a better video to show... Higher contrast, pans, tilts, on a tripod, and wider lens. Still not seeing any drift..Here's another example. Higher contrast between subjects, pans, tilts, tripod, and wider lens. Not seeing any drift. Again, I'm on firmware v1.01
  24. @neosushi which firmware are you running? I'm on v.101 -- tried to update the first night I had it, but the software wasn't having it, so I've just left it at stock firmware. I'm not seeing any of this issue with my copy of the camera. This is just a quick test yesterday at the park... Not the best video, but shows that going through the sun back to the leaves, there's not drifting happening. There's some definite lens flares going on.. the only lens I have to use at the moment is an old m42 lens that flares like crazy... but no drifting.
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