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  1. Hello, Just curious, what are the best ways to deal with mild moire effects?
  2. Andrew-- I just transcoded h.265 footage in fcpx, and after it completed, there is no video showing in the clips.
  3. Thanks for the input fellas. That comparison reminds me of my 5D III (would be top) and the A6000 (would be bottom). The A7s is definitely the video-centric camera of the Alpha family. I'm just surprised that the A6000 video is that much better than the A7. Does not compute! I really wanted the A6000 quality in full frame. That would be the perfect 1080p duo for me. And it wouldn't affect the A7s, because that camera has 4K capability.
  4. It's mutagen! Cool :)) But seriously, sorry to hear about this. I just returned my metabones adapter for Canon EF to Sony E mount. While shooting photography my Sony would randomly freeze and restart. We're talking 5-10 times per a shoot at least, totally unacceptable. But it's ok, now I will getting native sony lenses!
  5. Hi, I recently shot a video with my A6000, and WOW, was it a night and day improvement over my Canons. I am considering getting an A7 as well. How do the two compare for video? Is the A7 the same quality wise? I know they both do AVCHD so are they exactly the same except for APSC vs FF? And I know the A7 II has xavc, so does it make it better than the other two?
  6. Hey everyone, Just thought I'd share this comedy video I wrote and directed, to test out the 5dmk3 and A7S. Let me know your opinions. Hope you enjoy!
  7. Cool list! I too am excited about what Samsung might bring in the future. They might be the company that has me go invest in 4k, unless Canon does otherwise. As far as jumping on the 4k bandwagon- the GH4 4k didn't convince me to switch, and I am tempted by the A7S low light capability, but I agree with the issues of color that was mentioned. I want to try a 1DC, but in America, I still see them around $10K on average, if I'm not mistaken. I disagree with the D750 recommendation though- I took my 5d3 against my friend's d750, and what holds true on other online tests is that the 5d3 has much b
  8. Overall, nice in-depth review. But, you're definitely trying too hard to negatively bash Canon; "I can think of no reason to shoot on stock Canon 5D Mark III video settings when you can shoot XAVC-S on the A7S." Let's see, how about because: I still get paid to do video with my canon, I don't like Sony Ergonomics, I like my native Canon lenses and not adapters, *and overall, for pro photo work, I need Canon's AF and 22 MP. Not to mention, I don't feel like changing my equipment every time a new "killer" camera comes out that dethrones the previous one. For true art
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