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Sony A7s + Sunset Creative Style


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I just did a test, and I really like the colors I get when turning Picture Profile off and just shooting in Sunset Creative Style.  It worked on my old NEX-5n to produce smoother gradients, and it looks like it gives good rich colors on the A7s as well.  I think you do lose dynamic range in the highlights, but for medium and low-contrast scenes, I think it's a good way to get punchy yet natural colors.


Anyone else tried this? Any thoughts?


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I find that for 99% of situations S-Log on the a7s is pointless.  Particularly since most of us shooting with the a7s don't have the capabilities to post process a log profile effectively.


The creative styles are very powerful tools - particularly with the a7s since the dr is a lot greater than the same creative styles on most of the other sony/nex cameras.  you can actually pull down the highlights or pull up the shadows quite effectively if required, and get some of the apparently lost data back.


My personal favourite is the 'Neutral' creative style.  but with the sharpness and contrast dialed down to -3.  saturation left untouched.  



granted there are some peaked reds, but since I was shooting at 16000iso for the majority, letting the camera do auto exposure (due to the fast paced workflow required), where 95% of the light was coming from neons and other nasty lights.  Very little grading was applied to the footage.

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