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GH4 - Native vs. Speedbooster


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Gone girl is shot in 6K, is that too sharp to be film like?  Even I was amazed at crispness of the image in some of the scene while watching at local 2K cinema.


For me I use native M43 lens since AF and OIS is quite important to me, my other friend uses a pair of Oly 2.0 zoom and Voigtlanders for his pair of GH4, he didn't go for speedbooster as he feel he is covered by mft/43 lens already.


Leica 42.5mm F1.2 OIS is the lens to get, it is only F1.2 lens with IS build in, helps a lot for handheld work, I had too much trouble using 85mm on 5D2 or 55mm on A7 on handheld.. they both shake too much, of couse I can use 3 axis gimbal on them but sometimes I just want to travel light or need quick setup for the moment.

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

Ntblowz: note the difference between resolution and sharpness. Resolution is the amount of elemnts in the image while sharpness is how emphasized the edges of these elemnts are. It's quite confusing and the two words are always mistakingly used interchangeably. 6K doesn't have much to do witth sharpness but with resolution. The Red Dragon 6K images are actually quite soft, noticrably softer than the gh4 4K images, the red has more information but the edges are not highlighted like in the GH4. If you shoot a side by side Dragon vs GH4 the gh4 will look sharper. Even the 8K d810 stills are not sharpened and are quite soft/natural looking.

I also thought the girl in the dragon tattoo was oversharpened and doesn't look filmic at all. It looks like something new, ultra high end and great but definitely not filmic. That's down to the grading and many other factors including motion and lenses.

Anyway, I seem like a hater who just sold his gh4 and trying to justify it online (perhaps I am :D) but I really am not hating on the GH4, it's actually the best camera up to 5$K for filmmakers who want to learn and produce high quality videos. All I was referring to is how over sharpened the image is and I advice users to use vintage lenses/low contrast filters/gauassian blur, etc. It makes the image lose that video-feel. It's my personal advice, try it and see if you like it more and see it more filmic. After revisting my gh4 footage and trying it, in my eyes, slight softening does wonders to the image. If I had discovered that and bought a speedbooster earlier I would probably have kept using it. I also want to experience with anamorphic shooting and right after giving it up panasonjc gave us a firmware making it perfect for anamorphic.

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What vintage lens do you suggest?  I just sold the 5d3 and may have cash for 1 more lense.  I have the GH4 and a Tamron 17-50.  I am going to pick up the speedbooster Sunday in NYC and a fast SDXC 64gb card.  I read so much on the Sigma 18-35...I'm wondering if I sell the Tamron and purchase or just keep the Tamron and get another prime for the GH4?

What vintage lenses would you guys suggest or current for the speedbooster?

I was also thinking about maybe the 20m 1.7 from Lumix for the gh4 for video and photo(autofocus)....

Thanks all!

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