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FM lens discount

Cosimo murgolo

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I think we as forum users should be able to discuss and talk about whatever mysterious company/person we want. I don't see the connection between unlocking the topic and actually supporting said compa

To be fair, if you read the thread: What is being discussed is a checking of interest in the focus module to push prices down, not a reselling by comurit. And so far it's at the early stage for inter

I'm afraid I agree with my readers on this John. What seems to be going on here isn't really fair. The selling "rules" are not a set of laws to be enforced by mods, they're meant as a general guidelin

Wonderful news! Still interested in getting some tests out to the community to advise purchase.

If some people send me some money to reduce the cost, I'll be more than happy to do an indepth review!



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Ok ladies and gangsters, the verdict is ready, anamorphic shop announced:
EOSHD forums society will get 10% discount.

Please inform your group that on the sale date which will be announced on FB page your members have to contact me personally and they will have an opportunity to buy an FM Lens first of all others with a 10% discount, having in mind that the first stock is limited.

However we are interested by supporting your group with other Anamorphic Shop products in a future.

Thanks to everyone.

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Free Shipping, a discount and someone to pay for your review...you really want this bad, next thing you'll want will be amazing optical quality, compact size & a free pre installed anamorphic, and a further 10% for the use of your student union card :)

Can I also have a sony a7s? :D

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