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  1. I just tried the UV filter in the 50mm super takumar prime lens and mi cinelux 1 with FM is MUCH BETER AND BIGGER flares, thank you Hans for the advise.
  2. Robbing gracias por los ánimos, pero salió el 18 de lituania y ha dado ya 4 vueltas al mundo!!!!!.......
  3. Thank you for answer. Im calling FEDEX everyday, they says that the lens is going to Spain in every call i make... Of course i prefer the lens but the money. Mindaugas answer me today, he is going to call FEDEX tomorrow and told me don't trust the tracking... i don't know, im really desperate. This is the last update: Fecha/horaActividad Ubicación 29/12/2014 - Lunes01:24En tránsito GUANGZHOU CN 28/12/2014 - Domingo22:31Llegado a la ubicación de FedEx GUANGZHOU CN 14:54En tránsito MUMBAI IN 00:32Abandonó las instalaciones de FedEx ROISSY CHARLES DE GAULLE CEDEX FR
  4. I need help , if any of you have another way to locate Mindaugas . The problem is that my FM leads from the 18th sent but fails to Spain , is turning the world again and again. And from the 23 Mindaugas not answer my emails . Fedex does not give any solution.
  5. Im asking Mindaugas for other solution to this......My FM is starting the 3 round to the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ayuda Imprimir En tránsitoNEW DELHI, DLFecha de envío (P/U):Jue 18/12/2014 10:10 MAISIAGALA, LT LT Entrega estimada :N.A. SAN PEDRO ALCANTARA ES No hay ninguna fecha de entrega estimada disponible en este momento.Retener en local de FedExSolicitar notificacionesObtener prueba de entregaMás acciones Añadir notas Historial de desplazamientoOcultar Ayuda Fecha/horaActividad Ubicación 25/12/2014 - Jueves19:07En tránsito NEW DELHI IN 18:41En tránsito NEW DELHI IN 04:40
  6. My FM is now giving the second round to the world thanks to FEDEX..... Im sure Santa is not coming to the town this Christmas.....
  7. I´ll like to be on that list. Its possible to buy one from Spain when abailable? Thanks
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