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FM lens discount

Cosimo murgolo

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I think we as forum users should be able to discuss and talk about whatever mysterious company/person we want. I don't see the connection between unlocking the topic and actually supporting said compa

To be fair, if you read the thread: What is being discussed is a checking of interest in the focus module to push prices down, not a reselling by comurit. And so far it's at the early stage for inter

I'm afraid I agree with my readers on this John. What seems to be going on here isn't really fair. The selling "rules" are not a set of laws to be enforced by mods, they're meant as a general guidelin

For those interested, this seems to be a decent height adjustable lens support for use with the FM lens & clamp mount that is currently for sale:




I'm sure there are other/cheaper alternatives out there, but something like this will be needed for those adapting to 15mm rods and get correct height for different cameras and base-plates.

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Hmm. I have rails already. But in the announcement it says "mounting ring ... with a 1/4 tripod female thread". That won't mount to the rails, which seems to be the handier way to mount something as big as the fm lens module and a schneider / ultrastar.


So, Häns Punk. The one you linked, is that a rail mount added to the bottom of the mounting ring that would make it possible to attach it in a similar manner like in the FM Lens Module video? 


Am I understanding it correctly?

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Yeah, the height adjustable lens support I linked to would screw into that mounting ring base with the 1/4 inch female thread, enabling rod attachment via the quick release clamp at the bottom of the support. There are a few cheaper fixed height versions of those supports/ rod bridges out there, but having the option to adjust the height might be needed for some setups where the camera height cannot easily be adjusted.


(My 5dmk3 is in a wooden camera cage for example, which would need the FM lens to be compensated a bit higher when attached to rails).

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Looking forward to it, Which anamorphic will you use with it? (More Cinilux & more Moller plz) Wondering how much spare room will be in there, if the 3 locating screws actually go into holes, to avoid scratching, as I thought the idea of the housing was to hide the anamorphic

Wondering if the shipping unit has the same glass as the test unit, onow the minimum focus has changed. Wondering how easy/quick to focus.

Which camera & taking lens do you hope to use it with, FF or APS-C?

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Order and honored the discount. £560 to my door via FedEx in 3-5 business days. As soon as I get it, I'll try to get some test up. What does everyone want to see?

@comurit Thank you so much for all the work and correspondence.


Don't you mean Â£460 to your door via FedEx in 3-5 business days?

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It's early in the morning  in europe, they might sleep, they will reply don't worry!

They did. I placed my horderves :D


EDIT: The total cost for me came out to be $665.71 USD

Just so everyone know what it will ACTUALLY cost. Still, about 500 bucks cheaper than an Isco 36!

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Assuming that the production model of the FM lens operates in the same way as the early installation video, the FM lens needs to grip to the anamorphic lens inside, then the exposed rear area of that lens is clamped by a support ring...which is then attached to rails.


I'm sure Anamorphicshop has a nice solution yet to come - that can reduce the internal diameter clamp via a collar or something to allow the use of smaller anamorphics (sub 71mm), but in the mean time - here is a 'Ghetto' solution.






Yep, exhaust pipe is the right diameter to match the exterior diameter of the ES cinelux that the FM lens looks optimised for. The stainless steel tube also has a nice and thin wall thickness to allow maximum space to accommodate any smaller anamorphic, providing it is packed in there with soft padding.


This could be a decent temporary solution to those wanting to try alternative lenses for testing, until they release a proper internal reduction collar or whatever they have planned.  




IMG_1772.jpg         IMG_1771.jpg

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Im so glad I got one of those Schneider cinelux's on ebay for 80 bucks. Just in time for this!


Still gonna keep my Sankor. Might sell my eiki. Love them all though. THE GLASS JUST LOOKS SOO COOOOL.

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