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Anamorphic 1.5


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I doubt it's illegal in any country to discuss someone's possibly patent infringing product in a forum - and hence that it could possibly reflect badly on the forum reputation. I for one am interested in hearing more about this product.



Also, all I have personally read is that ISCO used a patented technique for single focusing anamorphics, but does anyone even know if this patent is still valid?


What I find on wikipedia about EU patents is the following: 

"The European Patent Convention requires all jurisdictions to give a European patent a term of 20 years from the actual date of filing an application for a European patent or the actual date of filing an international application under the PCT designating the EPO.[2] The actual date of filing can be up to a year after the earliest priority date. The term of a granted European patent may be extended under national law if national law provides term extension to compensate for pre-marketing regulatory approval."


If the Iscorama lenses used a technique patented back in the 60s, it could very well have expired by now.


I found some more sources in this thread, but I'm not sure about the legal implications in EU if this is the Iscorama patent: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>



Also, discussing optical performance is quite another thing than endorsing people to buy the product in my humble opinion.

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@Nick Brown, 
I've just taken my statins, ramipril and other medicines, so I thought during this coffee break I would reply to your earlier post.
As it seems we are no longer on 'speaking terms', it gives me carte blanche to speak freely on things.
You express wonderment about this 'invention', and yet seem quite coy about its workings when we both know that in over 80 emails, PMs and Personal Conversation archives the workings of such a device were explained with the information mainly flowing from me to you.  Have you already forgotten the "John Barlow is a genius" video you sent and also emails saying I have cracked the code? I have them all on my hard drive. 
Did you think for one moment this was discovery live?
You express distaste that I alerted the world that we were in contact privately and yet you freely told me about your discussions with Richard Gayle etc. Unsolicited by the way. 
What sort of standards are you operating here? 
persona non grata?
Richard Gayle has expressed his business interests and mine are also no secret.
So, step up to the mic Nick, tell us all about your business interests.
Tell me,is this a masterpiece of subconscious revelation?, all your own work, so you say.
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  • Administrators

Respectfully, I suggest that the moderation of this forum be handled by a neutral party who has no commercial aspirations.


A sensible suggestion.


I'm not happy with the arguing here at all, it's not good for the users and mods are supposed to be looking after the interests of the other users after all.

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It's true. You did make a great discovery (based upon my lesser but prior discovery, it would seem), and I appreciated your sharing it with me. You have created a marketable product which is more than I can say. Now, it seems that we were not the only people charting these waters. But while I applaud the Anamorphic Shop offerings and look forward to trying them out, you seem eager to "take him down a notch", which is exactly what I have experienced in my dealings with you -- and why you haven't been getting any emails from me lately.


If you read back on this thread, you have now had several people express concern about your conduct. You can either write us all off as outliers, or you can take a look in the mirror and ask yourself some questions. I know what I would do.



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You sent a PM to me last year entitled Top Secret about a 1950s scope which had single focus, when in all truth you got the information from this very forum. So what's Top Secret about that?, why are you claiming this as yours?

Now you are talking about priority, have you been here ?


read my first post on that page.


Since it is my post I will post it here for the world to see:



  • @slrmagic

    Much earlier in this thread you acknowledged the existence of a vast number of 2x projection anamorphics. Most of these units have a minimum focus of between 3-5 metre. To get closer you need CU dioptres with the rare 0.5 dioptre most sought after even by those with Isco 54's.

    There quite clearly is a need for close focussing attachments and I was thinking specifically of a variable focus close up. Below is a simple design schematic for such a focussing adapter which is afocal when closely grouped and has 0.6 D when spaced. The spacing could be adjusted in a helicoid and this would make the projection anamorphics very desirable.

    Your thoughts on manufacturing such a unit ?



So I am wanting to know if Andrew Chan had plans which clash with mine. Get it?

This post was October 2012.


Now you are discrediting me and distancing yourself from me.


What are you doing Nick?

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I am not discrediting you, John. I am trying to remind you that it was not all take and no give from me. 


If you want to get into semantics, I did not discover the 16mm B&H. In fact, I would not be surprised if some of the people who designed the lens are still alive today. Certainly some of the old-school projectionists and collectors of such things are aware of its properties as well. I merely followed up on a one-off comment from a casual poster (in my book, an unreliable source), confirmed his findings, and then developed it into something that works for me. To my knowledge, mine is the first of its kind and I was excited to share it with the community. If you remember, >I gave credit to the original poster


Why "Top Secret"? Because it was not a widely-known fact to the anamorphic community, and I thought that with the right planning I could manufacture a rack-focusable 2x anamorphic and offer it for less than the price of a Kowa, but I needed a head start to make it happen. I shared it with forum members that I respected, and you were one of them. Turns out that I couldn't get my manufacturer on board in a way that was agreeable to me, so that dream died on the vine.


Look, I really don't care if any information that I shared with you influenced your design. Private messages are private for a reason. And I don't appreciate having my wrist slapped for being curious about a competing product. That's all that I have to say.

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need to see some humans in the tests, faster more exciting focus pulls, etc but the bench/swing and inf all visible in the frame is a good indication of depth of field.   I'm glad i grabbed a cinelux for this.  edge to edge niceness.  if anything I'd like more breathing!    


edit.  just seen this is on the nikon v1 at f2.8.  could do with seeing some larger formats to decide just how usable the focus optics are.  

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It may not work with larger diameter anamorphic lenses. I messaged them today it only supports up to 71mm. However im sure i could probably jimmy rig something with adapters that would work.

Regardless, the focus module definitely looks interesting. I may pick this up if anything to play with.

*edit - Nevermind just saw the video. Unfortunate it would not work with a La7200 it looks slick like all one unit once put together. I had assumed it was like their VM module, they posted a link to the assembly video and I cant view it.

Vimeo is well, lets just say I wont ever go through them.

Anyways, I wonder if you could use it behind or in between the two main Panasonic Lens elements.. hmm Ill have to look into it.

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Haha, that's inevitable.
But the focusing model should work with different lenses, who knows what other gems we might find.
Also we have yet to see the price. If his adapter sells for more than £250 then I'm out.

Yeah, it's really about the price on this. I'm sold on everything else.


I imagine it will not be cheap. Film equipment never is...

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