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Your E-mount fav lenses


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Looks like this has been a win-win by Sony, I see it each day the variety of options coming out even via adapters allowing the use of other native mounts such as the most affordable bang for the buck (MFT) route so far.


From David @IronFilm who has posted on the FX30 thread an interesting roll of them in four successive posts from there:


What about AF performance on those not manual?


And here's also an useful side-by-side comparative wide open on wide end by one of the usual suspects (as my fair disclaimer, I really find the dude funny enough also often bringing much more accurate reflections on the camera and glass gear he lightly talks about from those ramblings of his own but on the spot more frequently than the reverse):


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Thanks guys : ) I've found this one fairly interesting as all round lens with macro feature all included, go figure!


Even though, we cannot live without fast primes at same time, that's for sure ;- )

Perhaps to couple the Tamron 70-180mm f/2.8 which looks like a solid option too with fast AF even sharper (!) on the corners (first version at lease) than the Sony counterpart and much more affordable, obviously.

Both Tamron zooms have stabilization integrated for handheld video, pretty useful of course, that is, if not a trouble to deal with IBIS altogether.

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I stand corrected, the 70-180mm f/2.8 has no stabilization. I've wrongly taken VXD as such when it is linear focus motor related instead hence the fast focusing properties as much as the other zoom BTW for external daytime use by all means, with the plus of stabilization.

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5 hours ago, IronFilm said:

My favorite E Mount lens is the Sony 18-105mm f4, a constant F4 lens with a huge zoom range, good for run and gun all day. 

Maybe if I ever get to use the Tamron 17-70mm f2.8 I might change my mind, but for now I like my Sony 18-105mm f4

I agree the 18-105 is a really versatile lens: power zoom and near par focal. A little deficient on the wide end, but now there is a perfect complement: the Sony E PZ 10-20mm constant f4.

Shooting Sony APS-C has real advantages in terms of video-advantaged lenses.

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I got rid of all but one of my native e-mount lenses long ago; I use adapted lenses which gives me literally thousands of lenses to choose from. That was originally the big selling point for e-mount: almost anything can be adapted to it. Not having any e-mount glass gives me the flexibility to use my lenses on whatever cameras I want to, now and in the future.

My only e-mount lens is the Mitakon 50/0.95, a special-purpose lens that offers great low-light performance, amazing bokeh, but mostly boring rendering.

Otherwise I'm using rangefinder lenses (M mount and LTM mount), some old and some new; I have two MS Optics lenses that are amazing and I'd like to use them for video but not sure how I'd ever fit ND filters to them (or put them in a matte box). My other rangefinder lenses are old, from the 1940s to 1960s; I love them for their rendering and tiny size.

I also use my Minolta Rokkors on Sony, a great combination and the most practical for video since you can easily get step-up rings to fit ND filters and/or matte boxes. Some have rotating front elements, so a matte box needs to be fixed to rails.

All that said, I never shoot video with Sony...yet. The FX-30 has me pondering it as a practical low-light alternative to my existing cine cams (Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera and original Pocket).

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