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Thanks Andy. I returned the metabones bmcc and nikon 35mm dx 1.8 and bought the Mitakon Lens Turbo speed booster and a used nikon 28mm ais 2.8. Looking forward to using this on our next video project in a couple weeks!

sounds good have fun!!  that Nikon is the best lens they ever made - 28mm AI-S serious glass!!

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Got myself some new glass for Christmas. I do prefer native lenses but the Sigma Speedbooster combo works really well! Screengrabs from GH5 + Speedbooxter XL + Sigma 35/1.4 + Black Pro Mist 1/4. 

Just got a Voigtlander 40mm 1.2. Haven't had a chance to test in video yet. But DAMN

A few stills from a shoot last night all on the Pocket 4K XL and CZ 35mm 2.8. 

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no Nikon made it AI-S  the one with rainbow numbers on the apperture scale


read the Ken Rockwell article on it



Mr Rockwell says:


This is Nikon's sharpest manual-focus wide angle lens.

Nikon let their designers go wild on this one. Instead of a simple 5 element design that every other 28mm f/2.8 lens uses, including the original AF version, this lens has EIGHT elements in EIGHT groups. This allows it a level of correction seen in no other Nikon wide angle.

No other Nikon 28mm lens performs this well: the 28mm f/1.4D AF has some barrel distortion and really is optimized for night photography, and every other 28mm lens just isn't designed as thoroughly.

This AI-s lens (1981-present) is completely different from the older AI lens. Nikon made a big upgrade to the optics when they upgraded it to AI-s, and they really pulled out all the stops.

Not only does this Nikkor uses 8 elements, it also uses floating elements to optimize its performance as it is focused at every distance.

This is also Nikon's closest-focusing lens, with a close-focus distance of 7 inches (0.6 ft), or 20 cm.

There is no sharper manual-focus wide angle lens made by Nikon, and it is the only Nikon wide angle, along with the 15mm f/3.5, that is completely free from barrel distortion at ordinary distances.

Optically this is an almost perfect lens, and one of the most perfect lenses you can get to fit a Nikon camera.

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If that's the E series it's actually a Kiron! Kiron made a legendary 28mm or is it 24mm? that's one of the best ever made according to some optics guru guy I read. Kiron made the E series btw.

Mr Rockwell also says



Nikon redesigned the crummy 5-element 28mm f/2.8 design, used for the Series E through the AF version, into a 6 element 28mm f/2.8 AF-D version. Its performance is still much poorer than this 8-element manual-focus AI-s lens.


thats the Kiron budget version so best avaoid it - get the AI-S version - its not cheap on ebay eaither

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Hello! does anyone know anything about this lens i used yesterday,


its a RODENSTOCK 80mm says made in germany moded with a crazy mode to fit EF, the mode consisted of paper..(post-33461-0-28674200-1402221685_thumb.j was moded by an english chap)


It resembles a tilt-shift lens, focuses in vertically very sharp in the middle, very blurred edges.


shot some video with it..wasnt sure how to use it as it has a ball that tilts to various angles.




photo with said lens taken yesterday 

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its a push pull zoom ....so beware of that , but optically it is stunning though! and they are cheap on ebay
low cost Bourne look !!

Was poking around for a deal on one of these 35-70s, stumbled upon a relatively unspoken gem (or so the critics claim) that is the Tamron 28-75 f/2.8.

The Nikon version has an aperture dial, runs about the same price as that Nikkor zoom I mentioned, yet has a larger useful range and has been compared optically to the Canon L of this type. Its no 50-150, but for the price I'd be crazy to pass this mid-range up!
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Also, there are too many conversations going on at once in here. Why is this a single thread instead of a section again?


I agree. I find it very hard to find the information that I'm looking for when not actively participating in this topic because there are so many conversations going on at the same time.


It would be great to have a subforum for Lenses with specific topics about specific lenses. Sure it won't be on the front page anymore but I'm sure lots of people will participate in these topics because they're really essential. 

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I thought I would introduce you to some big glass which can be had for cheap, in my case I paid £20


The ISCO 200-300 F3.5 is a Vario lens (not a zoom) used for 35mm slide projection, has a 4 inch front optic and is easily adaptable to any camera.


First the lens followed by some test shots all at F3.5 of course



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