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Kendy Ty and the T2i - one guy doing amazing things with a 5 year old DSLR

Andrew Reid

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looks superb Homerus


Act of Valor was shot by Shane Hurlbut on Canon 7d (apsc) cos they could use PL Mount Cinema lenses on it and have the corect field of view with them

unlike the 5D MKIIs they also used that needed full frame lenses Zeiss ZE






the film looked great I watched it without knowing it was shot mainly on Canon Cameras

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"However before you can splutter that old cliche ‘content is king!!’"


I sat in on a production meeting once where the executive producer was expressing his desire for more success with his productions.

He praised one particular director for his content and saw a particular type of content as a way of making more successful films.

Unfortunately he missed the point. Content is important but the director (how the story is told) is more important. A great film maker can make good films with the lowliest tools and with the most mundane content. A great film maker can make even better films with the lowliest of tools and more interesting content. You get the point.

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First of all, sorry for my English. 
Im a big fan of eoshd.
I fully agree with the idea that it is useful to start with the best possible image quality. If our project requires a neglected aesthetic is always possible to degrade the image.
I think the story or content is still king. At the end of the day we will always want visually support what we want to show in the best possible way.
Greetings from Argentina!
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The primal aesthetic of Kendy works because not only does he have an eye for drama but its consistent. If for instance, there was a perfectly steady slider shot with no noise and lit, the whole thing would fall apart. Something about shooting one lens IMO helps bring about consistency. 

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what his videos scream out is that the camera and the lens he is using are the least important aspect in the whole production.  His resources are likely spent elsewhere; socialising with fellow creatives, travelling and subconsciously scouting locations, living a cultured French lifestyle - he probably has parents who are also artistic or creative.  Writing, reading, watching independent cinema.


I imagine he's a guy who would decline an alexa 4:3 and a set of round fronts because it would hinder his apparent efficiency and holistic working process to film making.


I'd also hazard a guess Kendy won't even have realised he had a staff pick award or the notice a boost in vimeo plays thanks to this topic on eoshd.


On the complete opposite end of the spectrum we have the forum culture who are driven by the technology side of things.  Resources spent on things like:-

electricity, regularly upgraded computers and camera gadgets, socialising with other tech driven people in an artificial social environment, sitting at a computer desk rather than viewing the world, writing (forum posts), reading (forum posts), watching camera test videos rather than real films.



Obviously there are half way housers who are interested in both creativity and technology but ultimately having the technology and consuming taking up valuable time is going to impact on the pure creative aspect.


Well said.

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I've been seriously contemplating taking a filmmaking course for a while now. Filmmaking isn't like FCPX, where you can get started right away with online tutorials! I had actually tried once to get in touch with a talented young filmmaker in Saigon whose work I saw on YouTube, in the hope of assisting, but unsurprisingly, I never heard back from him. The Expat Learning Center in Shanghai offers a 6-week course that covers quite a lot of territory given the time constraints. I really enjoy some of the work posted on Vimeo by one of the instructors there, Franc Peret. Here's a sample:



There is a lot of filmmaking going on here in Vietnam, but I don't know anyone with a similar sensibility. Short of that, maybe I should just watch some budget films (Vimeo) and try to recreate the shots on my own? BTW, Andrew, you're always welcome to visit Ho Chi Minh City.


Concerning a video posted earlier with some different LUTs applied, a few readers have compared them to Instagram, which I don't think is fair. mLooks, which is new to me, offers the possibility of changing dozens of parameters to achieve whatever mood you're after. Several colorists favor Kodak 2393 film emulation LUTs, but having tried them with several of my clips, it doesn't really work for me. Of course, none of the colorists I'm thinking of just drop a LUT on the timeline, render and export. 

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Didn't notice the continuity errors. Neat idea, but the execution is a bit clinical. Everything seems staged in the way it is placed on the set. Who places their slippers like that by the bed and everything so perfectly!? The camera work is a bit wooden too. Despite that I connected with the theme and the audio is well done. It's a good effort.

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A Drop in the Ocean. His wrists are wrapped with yellow tape. An effective graphic design which draws the eye's attention. Then they're not wrapped. Then they're wrapped. Bad continuity, esp. since the yellow tape is meant to draw your visual attention. Look at 1:25. These kinds of errors should have been caught in the process of repeated viewing.

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