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  1. So you picked one sentence that doesn't even remotely relate to his reviews (or standing at a booth for that matter) out of an entire explanation text that is specifically written for leery people like you. Yes, I do think Philip spent two moments of his spare time to tell people about a camera that pleasantly surprised him. Do you perhaps also sell tinfoil hats? With your clear negative bias towards Kinefinity and remarks like "I paid for your camera!" you're making a complete ass of yourself. No one takes you seriously with that attitude mate.
  2. Over the course of several years that I've been following Kinefinity and owning the KineMini I've found that there is a certain group that has a negative bias towards the company and try to pick apart every little detail that they don't do right. It's like Trump supporters still moaning about Hillary's emails. Yes, I've been critical of many of their choices and many times I considered moving to a different brand. Now I have a Terra 4K being delivered any day. Why? Because it is perfect for ME and MY line of work. But whatever. If you don't want it, don't buy it.
  3. Yeah right... "One would naturally assume the latter" Why would you assume the latter? Why can't he be doing this out of charity? What makes you so biased towards the idea that PB would be in this for the money? You don't make any sense :/ That's cool, tastes are tastes. But this camera has been compared to the Alexa for a reason. If you'd tell anyone the c200 looked remotely like an Alexa people would laugh in your face.
  4. That's exactly what they are doing... Perfect description, I'm going to remember that one
  5. You can download DNG's from Kinefinity's website to compare. I've been closely following the 4.6K and it absolutely is very nice, I even considered buying it. But it just doesn't have that cinematic (or "filmic") quality that Red/Arri/F55/Kinefinity have. It's more of a mix between FS7 and Red to me. Like Oliver said it has a more modern feel to it. Even the KineMini 4K is still on par with the Ursa Mini 4.6K, and that cam is one and a half years old now. But it has a very different "feel" to it, a feel I happen to really like. If I know Kinefinity, they'll up the game even more with the Terra.
  6. The (cinematic) image quality of the KineMini 4K/KineMax 6K is comparable with RED/ALEXA (unlike the Ursa Mini...) As a happy KineMini 4K owner I'll bet it will kick ass
  7. To be fair, not being able to edit CinemaDNG 4K is not really a con of the camera, more of your edit studio. I'd say it's a pro that it actually supports shooting CinemaDNG.
  8. No camera in this price range is as cinematic as the Kinemini, not even the 1D C
  9. Well, ok. The - again - was a bit spikey, but I did purposely use this tone because I think Andrew seems biased in his comparisons, and this is not the first one. My observation is that the exposure and grading are particularly worse in the footage of the other cameras.
  10. Andrew, it seems that - again - you are pretty inconsistent when it comes to exposure and grading in these tests. It also strikes me that there is so little talk about the major compression artefacts the internal recording has. When you grade this stuff, it just turns to mush... so no, the a7S will NOT beat 5D Mark III Raw. The a7S only really starts to become interesting with an external recorder
  11. I've recently stabilised GH4 4K footage (cameraman on the back of a bicycle, lots of shakiness) with Lock&Load and it turned out perfect. (no, I don't work for them) There are 3 very important considerations when you shoot for post-stabilisation: 1. Shoot with a high shutterspeed - this prevents trails, trails can't be removed in post. 2. Shoot with a wide lens - the wider the better, shakiness decreases when shooting wider. 3. Good software - I've tried many, many plugins that failed at doing proper stabilising And if you shoot with rolling shutter: 4. Look for a plugin that has rolling shutter reduction, it really helps.
  12. Thanks everyone :) Nope, just good ol' 8 bit h.264. I used Contax Zeiss lenses back then (and still do, they are amazing)
  13. I really, really like the GH4. But now that I've been able to get a "raw" taste of CinemaDNG (see what I did there), I think I'll save up for the Kinemini 4K
  14. I shot my short film on the 550D. Some shots still look quite amazing:
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