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  1. Definitely makes the tiniest misalignment from vertical stand out. This has been a struggle with the VidAtlantic clamps on ISCO lenses for a while now.
  2. @nahua Thanks. I know about the no AF control. Sucks, but it is what it is! The optical benefits are the main draw. Sure be nice if MB got better at documentation. I've been trying to download the latest firmware, but their site doesn't cooperate. They even said they fixed it, to no avail. Not your issue - just venting! Thanks again for taking the time to reply.
  3. Anyone figure out how to use the EF-M43 Speed Booster with the GH4? Sure, optically it just works, and I can control aperture electronically, but the Green and Advanced modes are less than clear from the instructions on Metabones' web site, which are detailed for the Sony cameras (and never says which method activates which mode). What does the little dial on the side of the adapter do? There's no documentation at all that came with the Speed Booster. Thanks in advance, - Rob.
  4. Using a FD Speed Booster, FD 35mm lens and the ISCO 2X, I get no vignetting in 1:1 PhotoMode. Same setup but 28mm lens I get just a touch of vignetting. (FD 28mm + Speed Booster on GH4 in UHD 4K is a 44mm full-frame equivalent, FD 35mm + Speed Booster on GH4 in UHD 4K is a 55mm full-frame equivalent) - Rob.
  5. Great stuff. I've noticed the 4KPHOTO modes are only available in the Movie shooting mode (i.e. position of the dial), not in C1, C2 or C3... In those modes the menu option appears, but one cannot select an aspect ratio. I sure hope they enable 24 FPS in these modes. It will make the GH4 an even more powerful amazing little machine.
  6. Hi Andrew; Which adapters did you use for each of the 'featured' lenses in the title image? (Leica-R 50mm F1.4, Cooke S4i Mini 50mm T2.8, Canon 50mm F1.2L and Sigma 50mm F1.4) Thanks, - Rob.
  7. Another example of an artist using his tools. The tools don't make the artist. The artist uses the tools.
  8. What's up with the copy.com link? Page comes up blank. Are the files no longer available?
  9. Nice review. Thanks! In the video, the recovery from overblown white back to color, like when she's in front of the sun, looks really nice (like the thumbnail). Do you remember what lens was used for this shot? Also, the review mentions that Vimeo's compression 'destroys' some of the beauty of the image. Any chance you can post some side by side in a format that shows what's lost in compression? The image on Vimeo is pretty good - I'd like to know how much better the actual image is. All the best, - Rob.
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