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DJI Mavic 3


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Well, let's wait and see : )

I have a DJI Mini 2, currently waiting for the Nano+... IMHO under 250 grams is where the deal is for the obvious reasons :- )

Last but not least, once found from this comparative here TBH, I am already satisfied with the Autel outcome per se (minute 1:49):


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DJI is still pushing the boundaries but is beginning to take the piss with its pricing. How come its 'upgraded' smart controller has gone from US$650 to US$1100?

But my biggest beef (and quite frankly it isnt just DJI) is the 'this drone has a bunch of fantastic features but you will have to wait for a firmware update in January for them to work.'

It really is a huge 'pass' to claim a product does this or that when some future update arrives. And to be honest it makes a total mockery of all the youtube reviews if instead of reviewing a product they are actually reviewing  what DJI envisions the product will become at some future date.

'These problems will be sorted out in a future firmware update' should read 'this product was not ready for release'....

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  • EOSHD Pro Color 5 for All Sony cameras
    EOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs
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