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Why I don't like Panasonic Lumix lenses


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You haven't seen any films in the  2000's with zooms? Because I've seen several and they've all worked just fine. Even some really good looking films have used them several times. Not to even mention tv-series that are now full of whip pans and snap zooms.


Of course I have.


Just because it's something that exists and can be done well doesn't mean everyone should be giving it a go without informed consideration, however.


I shoot my own films with zoom moves every once in a while.  It's a good visual tool.  However, knowing how to utilize a zoom move as a pro and having a neophyte go at it tend to be two wildly different things.


Let's just say it's part of cinematic vocabulary, but the zoom move would be a word in that dictionary with a whole lot of syllables.  You better have a strong grasp of the language before you start dropping it into conversation.

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The typical 70's zoom was in cheap horror movies. If an amateur has a zoom on his camera, he's condemned to abuse it permanently. Something strucks him as interesting: Zoooom. Basic reflex. Some restaurants have a fly printed on the center of their urinals, same principle.

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