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Short video of Miami under Coronavirus


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Here is my shot at this


  • GH5 for the video
  • Canon 6D for the timelapse
  • Mavic Air and Mavic 2 Zoom for the aerial shots.

The audio was entirely designed by my friends at https://www.boxoftoysaudio.com/
They are based in UK if you need audio music composition and SFX. Great pros.

I hope everyone here is safe and stay that way. Cheers.


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23 minutes ago, Emanuel said:

Nice post, I just don't understand why this is not posted on footage subforum or better yet, why you ALL underrate that precious corner Andrew has opened for his priceless forum? : -)

You are right! I keep forgetting about this one... If Andrew stop by, he is more than welcome to move this post to the sub-forum. And thanks btw.

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1 hour ago, Zach Goodwin2 said:

You are in Miami? I am in Alabama, and you are below my state.

I do, Sunshine state.
We are below everybody but above anyone when it comes to madness ;)

1 hour ago, Snowfun said:

So come on good ‘ol Zack (with a K), show us what Alabama looks like in lockdown. But stay safe! 


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On 4/18/2020 at 6:28 AM, Trek of Joy said:

Interesting look at a hard hit area. Good to see people taking it seriously. I'm in the Tampa area and was down there late last year for work, I shot at many of the places you show. The lack of traffic/people is quite a contrast. 


Thanks. To be honest I kind of selected the footage, it was not empty like that all the time, I only use the shots with no people. I also did a little bit of masking for the highway footage.

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