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Panasonic G6 music video / Coely "My Tomorrow"

Pascal Garnier

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Hi everyone, thanks for the heads up !


This is the first video I shot with a G6, I just made the switch from Canon DSLR's, but wanted the extra resolution that Pana's have.  Only other options to get this with Canon is with the 5D MkIII or C100 (which are out of budget at the moment).  

I already had a few FD's I used on my Sony Nex, so all I needed to really make the switch to Panasonic was a wide angle.  Thanks to Andy I got the Pentax 110 18 f2.8, but it doesn't focus to infinity without lowering the aperture.


So I got a Pana 14 f2.5 2 days before the shoot that I used for all the Steadicam shots.  I used a Steadicam JR for this video.  All other footage was shot with Canon FD's : depending on the shot, a 24 f2.8, 50 f1.4 or 35-70 f4.


I use a standard FD adapter from ebay, like this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/Canon-FD-FL-Lens-To-Micro-4-3-M43-M4-3-Adapter-GF1-GF2-GH2-GF2-GH2-G2-G3-DC156-/191039302526?pt=US_Lens_Adapters_Mounts_Tubes&hash=item2c7ad46b7e.  No play at all.


Edit was done in FCP7, grading with the built-in Colour Corrector 3-way.  Grading was fairly minimal anyway, as I shot everything with a grey card and manual white balance and tried to shoot more or less the way I wanted the final result to look.


Location for the sunny outdoor shots was the French Riviera, in and round Nice, near the Italian border.

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    • By Jodan
      I hope I can get some good advice from you - at least I'm sure I'm at the right place here.

      Ever since the G6 came out I'm having an eye on it's price. Unfortunately rumour has it that it's not produced anymore and also price drop is stagnating. Because of that I'm thinking of getting it soon.
      If I had the money, I of course would go for the 14-140mm bundle as a start and later on buy one or two primes to complete the kit but 750€ for the kit is just more than I want/can affort. I was looking for more affordable alternatives for that lens but it seems there are none.
      So I thought why not just get the G6 body for about 370€ and some old, even vintage lenses and a adapter along with it? I'd much prefer all manual lenses anyways (at least for photography), but although I've read quite a bit about it I simply have no clue which ones I should go for in specific or what adapter would be needed. I can tell you that lens size/weight doesn't matter to me and even that the lenses don't have to be top notch - but I also don't want to waste my money on crap.
      In the long run I might even get a speedbooster so the lenses you suggest should be ok with but also without one and just using a adapter instead (as that's how I'm going to start) and preferably the same lens mount. Of course that's another story if a lens is available for 30-40€ only - then the mount is not that important as long as there is an adapter.
      I'd be using the G6 for indoor videography - with more than enough lighting though. To give you an idea what lenses could be needed, here's what I'm using it for:
      I'm mainly filming products from a distance of about 1-2 meters The objects usually are below 10cm wide/high/deep There's basically only two options to film such a product: Either them alone, all over the screen or along with my forearms and hands holding/moving it. But I also would use it for photography and I appreciate a nice bokeh in most cases for:
      the products I'm filming, of course portraits of course the standard family/friends pictures every now and then I want to get into night sky - astrophotograpy (milkyway, so no extrem zooms but a wide angle lens), also time lapses of that street life/nature photography is something I'm doing rather seldom Ok, I really hope you guys can help me with lens suggestions as I just don't like the idea of getting the standart zoom bundle. Hopefully the lense junkies in this forum will assist me with their knowledge. Every answer helping me with my decision is very appreciated.
    • By Jodan
      I was wondering if the new Samsung NX30 could be the better buy than the Panasonic G6.
      It has many nice features and even uncompressed HDMI out. It has a the bigger sensor which should make shallow depth of field a little more affordable and it's price should drop quite quickly to the level of the G6.
      Important to me: It seems to be region switchable and is capable of 30fps. That's something the G6 does not offer for us people in Germany.
      It's EVF might be better than that of the G6 and from what can be read about the picture quality, it's said to be good to perfect (not my words). It also does 1080p60, has NFC and WIFI, it can be remote controlled with a tablet or smartphone, it has full control of external audio in, full manual video control, it also has focus peaking,... it just has MANY features that are what many of us are looking for.
      Unfortunately there is no information about video quality anywhere - at least I couldn't find anything about it.
      So I'm asking: Could the NX30 be a serious competitor of the G6.
      The main reasons I care about this are the soon probably same or cheaper price, the bigger sensor and the 30fps.
    • By gloopglop
      id love to hear g6 specific tips and tricks from my fellow owners!!!
      its day one for me with the camera; never owned a panny before so this is all new to me :o
      what do I need to know about this lil guy? :)
      one question right off the bat:
      so i see that 24p is available in avchd but not mp4 (?)
      whats the easy way to deal with avchd files on a mac running mavericks? no idea wtf is going on with the file structure/whatever. i have cs6 software btw
      P L E A S E  H E L P  G U Y S
      also, generally, id love to hear about what youre doing to make that g6 footage look more organic and less electronic, more cinematic and less videographic~!
    • By Ragnar

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