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  1. I was wondering if the new Samsung NX30 could be the better buy than the Panasonic G6. It has many nice features and even uncompressed HDMI out. It has a the bigger sensor which should make shallow depth of field a little more affordable and it's price should drop quite quickly to the level of the G6. Important to me: It seems to be region switchable and is capable of 30fps. That's something the G6 does not offer for us people in Germany. It's EVF might be better than that of the G6 and from what can be read about the picture quality, it's said to be good to perfect (not my words). It also does 1080p60, has NFC and WIFI, it can be remote controlled with a tablet or smartphone, it has full control of external audio in, full manual video control, it also has focus peaking,... it just has MANY features that are what many of us are looking for. Unfortunately there is no information about video quality anywhere - at least I couldn't find anything about it. So I'm asking: Could the NX30 be a serious competitor of the G6. The main reasons I care about this are the soon probably same or cheaper price, the bigger sensor and the 30fps.
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