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Iscorama Alignment


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i have an iscorama lens which is not exactly 1.5 but 1.4. furthermore it is more squeezed at the edges than in the mid. 

is there any specialist in europe (prefered in vienna) who can service and align the lens correctly. (i can try it myself with a detailed instruction how to do it.. (i have successfully removed the ring without damage so i think i have intermediate skills. 



please help thx rene


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any repair guy can take apart a lens guys all over the world.

anyone can take a lens apart a put it back together it is easy experience not needed it is only a lens plenty more around in the shops if you smash it replace it with the better slr magic single element optics coming soon.

do not sweat break it down it's only plastic and metal it is old why worry.

the more iscorama you destroy the rarer they become the higher the value for us owners.


repairing yourself or local is dumb i think just sayin.


if  you wanna cut out the torment and terror here is the best and quickest option now.

you have to clearly state repair out and in for customs and use a good courier.



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What are you using for a taking lens? I believe that it is common to see this distortion when using wide angle lenses with anamorphics I have seen it on a couple my self with my Helios 44 on panning shots.


I serviced a few different anamorphics and I can tell you that the slightest misalignment in the anamorphic elements will result in a blurry image, especially wide open. If the image is sharp then there is probably nothing wrong with the lens.

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@tony wilson:

thx, perhaps in the end i will throw it away and replace it with this:




thx, don´t understand me wrong the shots look great.. 

you can take a look here: 

  @ 2:26

i have shot with different primes and have to say that they all (also the original) have that strange behavior.. ) i shoot with a full frame canon 5d.



is there a good follow focus lens gear for the iscorama..?

i have worries because 1. the housing is plastic, and 2. the lens housing is cone shaped..

perhaps i have thought about the half inch rail lens gears like these:




greets rene

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i have shot with different primes and have to say that they all (also the original) have that strange behavior.. ) i shoot with a full frame canon 5d.


What focal lengths did you try, I also have a 5D and with a Kowa 16-H I had a distortion at 58mm but very little at 85mm. I also have shot 85mm on a Iscorama 54 and have not noticed much distortion yet. I just got it though and haven't used it that much yet.

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@ dhessel:

i have also a kowa 16 lens :) but its too wide for my taste.. 

i tried the iscorama it with the original prime lens from iscorama, a jupiter-9 85mm, super takumar 55mm, helios 44, super takumar 85mm..

all the same.. 



yes this little thing is really funny, perhaps they will eventually offer a raw video app with cdng output some day.. :)




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Would really help if you posted some nice high-res clear pictures of the distortion you're [not] describing - couldn't really see what you were on about with that video as an example.


Just realised what, I think, you're talking about!

When you get to the widest taking lens (can happen with other lenses too with some anamorphics), the anamorphic will distort the edges - a bit like a Fish-eye lens, but not so extreme. If this is what you're talking about, then its completely normal - go take a look at Blade Runner, its present in quite a few scenes

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I will post some pics tonight.
Strange is that everyone is always talking about 1.5x when talking about iscorama36 and pre36 (i have a pre36 btw. In great shape).

I think i will let the lens be rehoused by van diemen cause then i have better min focus distance, correct allignment, great housing, follow focus pitch gear and a increase in value.

Does anyone have experience with van diemen rehousing?

Greets rene

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Had mine rehoused at Van diemen - it took forever... End result was superfine, but delivery time was exceeded by almost half a year. And I know that others have had the same experience.


And beware, the lens will return with a build similar to that of a tank. It is heavier, and if you put it on front of a 85mm or 70-200mm - you should really add some kind of lens support. The weight could put some serious strain on the camera-mounts. The better min. focus distance is nice - but I would have preferred a shorter focus throw (if it were possible to change that).

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