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  1. Hi Dan, got this from the Moller Archive in Germany: What do you think?
  2. Hey Dan, I found this posting: http://forum.mflenses.com/help-identify-this-mount-t56810.html Guess by John Barlow... he thinks it might be some sort of bayonet mount. So far I found nothing essential more out. Thanks, Dan
  3. Hey! Thanks for your reply. I've contacted the German Moller Museum and waiting for their reply now. I guess it was a synchrofocus (?) lens and I am curious to find out which taking lens it was using. There are even rumors this lens was used for some Hollywood films. But lets see... No, right now I am in Vienna and when I come back to Tokyo I guess I will only bring my Isco, as the Moller is too heavy. It features a 10cm front glas But lets get in touch anyways! I am working on a project that takes place in Tokyo and I am always looking for Tokyo related footage. Feel free to PM me if you are interested! cheers,
  4. Hey folks, I sent this message yesterday to Andrew and afterwards came to my mind to post it here too: "Hey Andrew, maybe you can help. I own a Moller 30 and I am trying to track down further information on it. Also wrote Moller in Germany. My main interest: Basicly everything. What was it used for? What is the mount called? Synchro focus? What was the taking lens? Things like this. If you have an idea where to ask best,please let me know. Thanks!" Any help is appreciated. I do have more specs and information to share, if somebody is interested. cheers,
  5. All goes for 550EUR Link: http://forum.slashcam.de/kowa-anamorphot-16-und-16a-vid-atlantic-adapter-vt126329.html cheers,
  6. I'm wondering too. I also wanted to send my Isco in but decided to wait.
  7. Just imagine how the Axiom people must feel now? Id say: bad!
  8. my problem: I have a brandnew sealed A7S box right directly next to my keyboard. Open or send it back... Ahhhh! I do be afraid of the fact that the A7II is as good or at least compareable to the A7S. Well, I own a Olympus M5 and all I can say: The IS is unbelievable good. Fast AND Stabilized primes... amazing. Anybody heard of a release date? Ive asked a friend in HK who deals with camera equipment and he said February.
  9. I am selling my M5 with 3 batteries and battery grip. 500EUR Speedbooster EF/MFT 70EUR condition: perfect.
  10. Andrew, what makes you believe it will be "worse" in terms of low light than the A7s (which came with the mail today... uffff)?
  11. Folks, I tried googling it but I couldnt track down any useful information: So... does the ART lens work with the Speedbooster and which Mark version of it? And does also the IS work? Thanks BTW: the lens would be used on a Sony A7s
  12. https://plus.google.com/photos/105699908693510907219/albums/6066653726035503489
  13. I do have two Kowas and an LA7200 for sale. Hit me a line.
  14. I went through a lot of store in Tokyo within the last 2-3 years and all I could track down was 2 Kowa anas in Ginza. Maybe there will be some Iscoramas floating around but I just could track anything down and also all the used camera stores owners had no idea where to ask or look for.
  15. Andrew, folks... I just got hold of an used M5 with grip and Kit lens for a nice price but I was wondering if there had been any FW fixes made since Andrew's review here? btw. the new Sigma ART lenses for MFT look sweet!
  16. I dont wanna sound like a hater but I'll def. stick with my vintage glas. I appreciate the effort and wish them all the best but the footage seems to me too clean and too video-ish. No offence!!!
  17. Im in a bad situation right now. I need to find myself a stills camera, as the C100 will maintain as my camera for shooting vids, but that axis stabi kills it for me. Thats just amazing. On the other hand RAW files from the A7 look amazing. Would that Olympus be cheaper I'd really think about forgettin sensor size and go with the crop. Ive watched the first 5min and the Sony a7 looks a lot softer to me. Also the flares aint that good. And I might say this cause I owe one, but that look just aint no Iscorama look. :) Seb, you have both cameras... what would be your recommendation? Should I go with the Olympus or the A7?
  18. that would be so much appreciated! could you please also test if magnification or peaking is working in that mode? THXXX
  19. how big is the delay? So you wouldnt recommend it for run n gun?
  20. 1,5x and 2x? and, is peaking or magnification also working in that mode? thx, Chris.
  21. folks, I was wondering if anybody can share some light on that. Does ML's anamorphic display option work on a Mark II? It supposed to desqueeze properly on a Mark III but what about the Mark II? thanks
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