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  1. There's a crop factor in 4K... not good. It seems like Flog does not work internally? Some shots look great though, almost Alexa style.
  2. It took about a year to make. The budget for the shoot was about $25K, includes permits and crew getting paid a bit. A couple regular kinos for this but mostly practical lights.
  3. So I've had this lens for a few years, and still not sure what is it: So I'm trying to figure out the front lens filter ring size and which lenses was this supposed to work with.
  4. I'm thinking about buying one of those brand new Arri master anamorphics and have it converted to Nikon mount. I have some cash left from the grocery store. Oh no, wait a second...
  5. Wow, I hadn't heard about that. What could you do in such event?
  6. All the iscos I've tried were x1.4 even when marked as x1.5. Yeah the edges will get more compression, the compression is not uniform across the frame. But what matters it the middle, the center area.
  7. I haven't actually shot much footage with it. I had it as a stills lens only. Some examples (click on the images for a larger view):
  8. For lack of time to use it I'm considering selling my Iscorama 2004 with nikon mount. This is a very special lens, nothing to do with the more usual, and often referred as, Iscorama 36. This is what wikipedia says about the iscorama 2004: Iscorama 2004 The only sealed anamorphic monobloc manufactured from a premium quality prime, the donor lens being the Leica 50mm f/2 Summicron. The Iscorama 2004s were multicoated lenses, and featured a Leica R Mount camera fixing. So pretty much without any doubts we can say this is among the best if not the best Iscorama anamorphic lens ever produced. An
  9.     What looks better, 35mm film or a 5Dmk3? Can you make 5D footage look as good as film in post? nop. A good post will get you the best out of the footage but can't do miracles. What's better, a 2009 Ferrari 458italia or a 2013 Subaru BRZ? I'll take the Ferrari thanks. (feel free to replace the 458 with a 911 turbo if you're not a fan of italians). And I love the BRZ, but they play on different leagues.   So the day the 5D can shoot images as filmic as the F35 I'll be sooo happy to leave it at home and just shoot with my 5D.  
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