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Autel EVO 2 Drone with 8K, 6K and 4K 120P


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1 hour ago, Kisaha said:

That is much nicer, cheers! 

I honestly don't remember when I "offended" you, I may disagreed with you, but that is not a reason for personal attacks!

I am trying to offer my advice and experience as a technician in the industry for more than 2 decades (I started early though!), plus my academic credentials and my studies in the subject matter.

People know that I am not covering anything behind my anonymity, and I am not a shooting star, post and go. I am just operating on a very small market where most of the people know me, so If I was posting eponymously I would probably have to self-censor my self on occasions!

Now with my family and all I am not traveling much, but I bet we can have a nice conversation drinking some wine over here!

I usually use just a few shots with the Mavic 2 Pro, it is certainly better than my flighting capabilities but good enough for most I do for small projects. If we need anything better, we use a certified pilot with Inspire usually.

Even the new Mavic could be just enough for me, but I have set a bar for my projects and that is 1" sensor. I do not use anything less than that.

So, the 2.000€ for the Mavic 2 Pro plus accessories were just enough for me.

Same with the gimbals, the Ronin S was good enough, never used it!

And so on..

For tripod I went Sachtler FSB and the Flowtech legs. This is an area you need to invest.

I try to do good "investments" because not all years are good for business, like now that I had to cancel everything since March. I like that I have everything though, and do my small projects in house! 

I know @Kisaha, your prudent approach as buyer is a breeze over this forum and a good advice especially for newbies : )

We need to calculate very well where we put our expenses for sure. Wise traditional caution never hurt anyone.

When I incentive you to see some of your work or to drop the anonymous status it is not as personal attack I also hate but actually because you've produced this healthy interest on me towards you as professional of same craft.

A bit as much as with Andrew's inputs. I praise his footage subforum he has opened for us but seems few people care about...

On the other hand, I am a research dude and very Deleuzian, some other of my specialties : D I find YT or any other resource to stimulate a rhizomatic course of same or another kind. I'm afraid to be symptomatically misunderstood here anyway... As for instance that Andrew's thread (it was there, nothing about the usual humble tone of your posts), not my mantra as many others have adhered but as he himself wrote there, it's just a matter to see it as a different opinion.

E : -)

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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs
4 hours ago, Emanuel said:

I'd rather know who we're talking to. In the reality, anonymous IDs have no place there. Why here? Especially with a frequent and valuable user like you? Without mention the lack of reciprocity I invariably tend to avoid as much as possible.

I don't mind if @Kisaha posts somewhat kinda anonymously, not everyone wants all their info to always be publically online.

However.....  if he starts putting up for sale a SLR Magic Rangefinder, then I'll become very suspicious about his level of anonymity and demand he reveals himself! 

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Nothing about him in particular for sure but everyone in general : ) Anonymous ID is a mere trace of the early Internet. We live a digital life nowadays in a hyperlinked world. Reticence is steadily a right of any one of us but can struggle with transparency or an open world intimately connected with an open-source letter of principles in a trustworthy environment, always welcome and mandatory in a professional realm. Reciprocity applies as well.

As already written up there, it's a pity to have no place for endowing certain connections made here in a daily basis, as we usual suspects over our own communication among each other, and developing them even farther. Sounds to me a Pyrrhic victory more often than it should be IMHO. Series of opportunities proper of a healthy industry platform as these boards can be but unnamed so lost then. Hence my customary comment for the subject matter : )


No name chats don't break my heart, well, at least to me.

Love the History (hard to be told without appointed characters) BTW if this can help to clear up the whole thing and the core of my point : -)

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Lurking for a drone to buy. I've got to say it's one of the options. Autel Evo II. Long flight time, quiet. Image quality ranks up at the top of the offer. The best footage I've ever gotten off of a drone camera. These videos prove it. But that problem... Seems it doesn't fly all that well. Just thinking, perhaps Skydio 2 is a better choice now. The DJI Mavic 3 Pro? No HDR is a deal breaker in 2020.


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Don't you like HDR SOC, Andrew? It's not log, OK, but I don't even think such kind of DR resources is that much for every single case because there are other stuff to consider more than that. Flight capability for example.

We can't surely know what Mavic 3 will bring yet, even though DJI devices are the best aerial tools out there for sure, Skydio 2 is also one of my favorite ones. Its outcome has been underrated as far as I or we can understand. I don't have any one of those so I am not the best person to judge, neither to misjudge though : D Their non-foldable design is there because of their obstacle avoidance performance. Calibration is key. So they've created a unique bird and their 4K 60p HDR pack seems to meet the whole purpose IMO.

SOC has an interesting scope strictly under a producing perspective. Time, staff to hire for color correcting can be crucial. We ain't speaking of narrative filmmaking now, of course : )

Without mention as I and you assuredly concur each camera sensor has a trace, a characteristic by their own. A bad or careless grading work (and budget can be critical over here as for instance) can completely ruin it. Reason why SOC is something to appraise before to buy a capture device, I assume : -)

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  • Administrators

It just seems like you are trying to sell us a drone.

Nothing personal mate but there is simply nothing in the video quality to justify any of this hype.

And to keep seeing the thread bumped to the top, week in week out... It's not an advertising board.

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1 hour ago, Andrew Reid said:

It just seems like you are trying to sell us a drone.

Nothing personal mate but there is simply nothing in the video quality to justify any of this hype.

And to keep seeing the thread bumped to the top, week in week out... It's not an advertising board.

I don't even have a drone, go figure... LOL I am a buyer on this thing, man, not a seller : ) The "things" I sell I am used "to sell" in the right place. Not here. I am just following up this one as other ones : ) No many units to fly yet.

Looking for different options, it is natural I wonder about every possibilities out there.

The hype is because of the 8K resolution I guess, pushed though with that usual trick from the Quad Bayer sensor, as already said in this same thread before. Aside the HDR mentioned, you can swap out camera modules on the basis of your wish and couple a 6K 1-inch Sony's IMX383 sensor (the same as RX100VII cam) with full pixel readout, no line skipping, no pixel binning... What other drone gives you that?

Flight abilities stand, anyway.

Last Monday, I even posted in some other direction in this other thread responding to some other user BUT following Kisaha's hint here as written there:

These posts serve to be able to listen some other people I always humbly consider to hear from.

Maybe you're not in the market to buy aerial stuff : ) I am.

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