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Well, considering 31st October this year is supposed to be Brexit day.....

• what r u gonna be

Poorer and with the right to live and work in 27 other countries ended.

• past costumes (post pics)

Bread queue chic from our glory days of the 1970s.


• fav candies

These ones that we had to use to do our homework with during that same 3 day week era.


• halloween movies???

Can't think of one containing a more scary bunch of clowns than this.


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10 hours ago, Snowfun said:

(Or getting over excited about the new way of getting rid of disposable income with the latest Canon)

Looking at the spec and trying to reconcile that much functionality with Canon's track record of holding things back certainly has me thinking "Trick or Treat" about that camera.

14 minutes ago, kaylee said:

guys, there's a genre called "horror"

I used to really like playing horror video games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill but have never really been interested in watching horror films for some reason.

But then again, I would never in a million years eat a prawn cocktail but I'm quite partial to prawn cocktail flavoured crisps so I'm awash with contradictions :) 


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