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Best affordable 27" display for video editing?


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I am an amateur (but passionate!) filmmaker and would like to buy a display/monitor for video editing. Colour accuracy is of course important. I don't earn my money with video editing, so I don't want a high-end professional, x000 € expensive monitor, but something in the range of 600-900€ would be possible.


Which 27" display would you recommend? Or are two 24" displays better (ergonomically)?



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currently collaborated to RGB. Depends on the output for the project though.


I forgot to mention, yes  you will want a second monitor, it can be a piece of crap cheapo 19", doesn't matter, just

somewhere to put the scopes, knobs and dials out of your way. Thats how I work anyway.

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Paulio so would you recommend RGB over REC 709 for web delivery. And what is you brightens for your monitor set to i find dell pro monitors to be way to bright even at 50% My is down to 30%.


Thanks sorry to hijack the post


anax276 i got U2410 for 400 and it is awesome monitor i am not big in to 27 size i have second Lg 24 and it works good just calibrate the monitor with i1 display pro it makes all the difference. Ans u2410 comes calibrated out of the box but over time that will shift.


Thanks guys


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Honestly I'm really not a colorspace or color grading expert, just googled enough to get what I need done, so I suggest doing your own research. rec 709 is a hdtv color space I believe, and sRGB is the colorspace used by most browsers. If you want to properly calibrate your monitor you will need dedicated hardware, I beleive xrite color munkey or a spyder are affordable options. Yes Dells come pre-calibrated and way too bright.

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i dont know anything about color work but the thunderbolt display is definitely glossy as heck. obviously thats a separate issue from color accuracy


i was browsing in an apple store the other day and i found that thankfully the last year of imacs have screens which are significantly less reflective than past models, or my 2011 mbp for that matter, so thats progress, but if i got an imac i assume id need an additional monitor for serious color work? or no?


mind you i have no idea what im talking about


edit: i realize the op is looking for a monitor, not a computer like an imac, srry dont mean to derail this thread 

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I think the big apple displays are the same panels as the dells, just glossy and more expensive...

This could be applied to all apple computers. Glossy, more expensive (for the same performance) but easy to use!


I hear their cinema displays are quite good for CC work.

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