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  1. Hey all! I want to share this trailer for Sennheiser's Pro Talk Season 2 I shot using a Sony FS7, A7iii and A7sii. Two weeks before the shoot I decided I wasn't happy with my current slog3 workflow and wanted to change it up. I found Pro Color V3 (at the time, V4 was not out yet) and gave it a shot. I loaded it up on the A7sii and A7iii, barely made a few tweaks to both to match them up, give me a great result and bam. I was sold. I then created a preset in FCPX (yea I edit on FCPX for now) that took my FS7 slog3 footage and popped it into Pro Color V3 matching the other two cameras perfectly. So my new flow is like this, Pro Color on the A7 series cameras and the FS7 shoots slog3, I then match the FS7 to the A7 series cameras in post and work from there. The reason why I needed Pro Color in my life was because I had these beautiful little A7 series cameras but couldn't use them to their full (small) potential shooting slog3. I didn't want to have to tote around an external monitor, etc. There's a lot more to say but I'll leave it at that. Way more to come. Enjoy.
  2. Hey all, jumping right in here on the forums to share my work shot using Pro Color! I've come from the Canon world but now love my Sonys. Pro Color was a God-sent and I am fully embracing it! More to come but in the meantime please see this short video of a buddy of mine fishing shot handheld on the new Sony A7iii using a Nikkor 35mm f1.4 ai-s and 105mm f2.5 ai-s. V3 Pro Color was installed on the camera as at the time of filming V4 was not yet out. I applied a Lut of mine, Tenkara, you can grab from my website. Thanks Andrew for making these killer profiles!
  3. I would say Sennheiser makes the best wireless packs and lav mics. They also make great phantom powered shotgun mics like the 8060. If you want a recorder check out the Sound Devices mix pre 3.
  4. So this is by no means a great comparison, it's a very quick one on a 5D3. Same WB, settings, etc. James Miller's is cooler and flatter IMO. Andrew's is warmer as a touch less flat in this situation. I need to dial these in and get more in depth on the 1DX mark ii but my quick thought it I like James Millers. Andrew's in first and James's second.
  5. I do really enjoy it but interested how Andrew's compares - I would use the better. You can see a few examples here:
  6. Does anyone have any side by side comparisons of Andrews CLog to James Millers? I would happily grab Andrews and do the comparison on my 1DX mark ii if there is not.
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