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  1. Yea being from the same angle made me wonder if it was all done in post... Anyways I agree it's a good look
  2. Ok I liked the vid and as a fairly uninformed viewer the video effects (grading/noise/digital artifacts/etc) gave me a nostalgic feeling that fit the theme. But I really don't know anything about cameras and would be interested to hear a more informed opinion. What camera(s) do you think were used? Does the end result do it for you or is it distracting? etc
  3. Ok this is not the pinnacle of artistic videography or technical prowess, but hopefully it can get by on a bit of story and a location that can't be beat. I'm not very active on this forum but I have learned a lot of technical tips from lurking in old threads so I thought I might share my recent video that I'm actually very pleased with. I know you guys love the tech stuff so I'll let you know the expensive equipment I used: Olympus E-M10 with a Panasonic 14mm f2.5 and an iPhone 6. Unfortunately more than I would have liked ended up shot on the iPhone, but what can you do. It was just the two of us up there and the success (and safety!) on the climb was definitely not a sure thing, so I considered it a success to get as much footage out of it as I did. The Google Earth screen capture stuff I was pleased to figure out, but it could have been executed much better. I couldn't get the application to load the full resolution images of El Capitan, so I was stuck using the web browser which was laggy (on my computer anyways) and didn't have much in the way of camera controls. Anyways thanks for watching and hope you enjoy.
  4. I'm definitely new here, but I've been reading this forum for a bit and learning a lot from some pretty welcoming people, which I've appreciated. I don't know why you need to insult me based on my age, appearance, interests, and skill level and then tell me I'm not welcome in a forum that you made your account on just 5 hours ago. Edit: anyways, I'll refrain from mentioning my auto-exposure addiction or the words "still photography" around here again Though I get the impression the majority of people here actually do partake in a bit of the forbidden "still photography" from time to time
  5. @Jon Jacobs Auto-ISO in M mode is a frequently requested feature among still photographers, and many other camera manufacturers have had it for a long time. It has a number of useful applications. For example, when shooting sports on a field with some variation in light (shadows in an area of the field), you could set your shutter speed to capture the action without motion blur, aperture to ensure enough DOF, and allow the camera to adjust ISO for a proper exposure. And if you can accept that auto exposure (P, S, or A mode) is ever acceptable for videography, then surely you could think of a use for it in video. Set shutter speed at 1/50, aperture for whatever DOF you're looking for, and then allow the camera to moderate ISO to keep a proper exposure. But it seems like you're of the mind that any time someone is shooting video with a DSLR they can NEVER use any form of auto exposure in any circumstance. I think that's a bit short sighted, but I guess you feel pretty strongly about it.
  6. Why does everyone have to get all holier than thou about stuff like using manual exposure.
  7. With thoughtfully explored characters like you presented in this, you could shoot it on an iphone and I'd still be fully engaged.
  8. Fascinating discussion guys, thanks for the insight @Policar and @Vesku
  9. ah indeed you are correct. I did read a good part of the article, but ended up skipping around a bit as I was got a little bogged down in some of the minutiae of crop factors and comparable cameras. And notably didn't see a 50mm in any of the pictures (I like pictures)
  10. Venice looked nice. Curious what lens is producing all that chromatic aberration though.. it was pretty horrendous in a lot of those shots. Like if I was trying to teach someone what chromatic aberrations look like, I'd probably just have them watch the first minute of your video. like damn if that's not pretty distracting
  11. Awesome, I saw your trailer a while back and it looked great. Excited to watch the whole thing. Edit: Just finished. Loved it. really.
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