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Adobe shambles - Why subscription software should be illegal

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Creative Cloud is anti-competitive, locking users into a perpetual payment plan with no guarantee of future costs. What started at Adobe has spread like a cancer in the software and creative app indus

The free version of Resolve has almost all the functionality of the paid version, and a one-off purchase (of $300 IIRC) potentially comes with unlimited future upgrades. They don't guarantee that, but

maybe bc for the vast majority of us, its a buggy/crashing nightmare. 

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Man if 400, 500 Dollars a year is killing you video Might not be the hobby you ought to be in lol. If you are in business, hell it is a tax write off. What is the big deal??

Nothing, I mean Nothing is better than their overall plans like the price or not.. I am not a big fan of paying monthly either, but if you want to get the job done you pay like it or not.

Why have 10 other programs combined to make all of it happen from different manufacturers? And yeah use the free, or heck even paid Resolve. Learn it. Down the road it will probably be the top dog overall. But for all you need, Photos, Video, etc Resolve is a long ways from that yet.

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On 7/29/2019 at 12:29 PM, Read said:

I’ve always hated the subscription model. From coffee capsules and music to software. It is nothing more than a way to keep you in the fold. In the end you never own it. 

In the UK and Canada, this is known as the 'never-never plan'. As in, "You'll never finish paying for it and you'll never own it." LOL

I suspect the expression originated in the TV rental industry in the UK.

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What Adobe did to Australians in pre subscription days for Photoshop.

When the Australian dollar was at parity with the US dollar Adobe charged US residents about $700 and Australians around $1200.

This was a product that was downloaded and not sent in a box so there were no freight charges.

They were called into a senate hearing along with Apple and Microsoft for overcharging Australians.

Their main comment was “that is the cost of doing business in Australia” and to basically suck it up.

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On 8/3/2019 at 1:38 PM, webrunner5 said:

You don't Really think Anything in Australia is going to be the same money that it is in the US do you? On paper it Ought to be cheaper since you are a stones throw from China, Japan. Nah they can't do that. You don't think the Vat Tax had anything to do with it. Nah.

no idea what a vat tax is, however its probably  included on top of every other  tax we already pay. you could probably build that wall that you want a litle higher and all the way around. Dont any of the specialness seeping out now do we.?

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I think what is funny we could build a wall around the whole country 300 meters high and it would be a drop in the bucket for all the money we waste on a yearly  basis. We don't need no new taxes, just a little oversight lol. I think every Federal job ought to have a 6 month term limit.

If you ran a Real business the way the government is run 6 months would be tops before they came and took all your stuff.

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Just now, webrunner5 said:

I think what is funny we could build a wall around the whole country 300 meters high and it would be a drop in the bucket for all the money we waste on a yearly  basis. Wer don't need no new taxes, just a little oversight lol.

ten or more years ago the aussie dollar was stronger than the us dollar. My parents went over there 6 or so times even brought back a container with two trams ams and two corvettes  not sure they made much money out of it. now the aus $ is like 60 something cents makes it pointless  even try to buy from you guys.

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I quite dissagree with the subscription model being bad. 

I use photoshop, illustrator, after effects and premier all the time. Instead of having to buy the pre CC Adobe media bundle for €2500 and pay about €700 for an update every 18 month I prefer the cloud model any day.

And  in the past skipping 3 version updates would unqualify your license to be upgraded to the latest version.

The six years I have been using CC I have actually saved €1000 compared to the traditional adobe model - €5100 if you take into account that you can use the software on two computers at the same time.

One really never owned the software anyway. Only a license to use it. And Let’s face it. App and OS version are quite close tied together too. 

The fact that you can jump between windows and macOS as you please is awesome too.

And the CC model ended the desperate hunt for the ‘we need to introduce a stupid killer feature / effect for NAB to make people upgrade’ - at least for photoshop and After Effects  - was quite noticeable with many more performance focused updates instead of headline FX to sell new licenses.

But not everything is roses. Lately bad versions and bugs still occur. As always one has to update carefully. 

Lately the ‘please login to verify your license’ is getting very annoying and isn’t one time a month anymore. But for each app. And it can become a problem more than ever if you suddenly are in a remote location for days without cell coverage.

While I am happy for the fcpx and resolve software model paying once for a lifetime of updates I doubt a software only company can be profitable that way in the long run. Maintenance and R&D does not come cheap.

The subscription model isn’t perfect right now. I.e. Adobe needs to introduce more flexible short term license options for when you need a few extra seats for a team license. Or options to have team licenses but without the cloud storage options.


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