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  1. My god, I did not think ebay was this bad. I think this is sign of the times where the freedom of the western countries are being misused by confidence profit looters and the law enforcement cannot keep up with the exploding fraud in almost all areas (banking, health, retail) due to lack of funding. Extreme gratitude on exposing the current situation on ebay as I was planning to sell things on it in a couple of years. Andrew, have you tried Amazon? I remember seeing individual sellers on it before. Maybe you can start a more equitable transaction pla
  2. Karma finally caught up to Canon's greed over the years.
  3. Sooo agree with the topic. Never bought any kind of subscription and never will, so its a lose/ lose for me.
  4. Hello Andrew, It seems that from some of your other posts you are sometimes criticized. I read many of your articles and I don't post very often. I am just writing that I, from one of the many, support your independent work, your independent views (unlike those that get buttered up by canikon). I greatly appreciate your work over the years. I am very positive that I speak for many silent readers. Cheers!
  5. Can vouch for the power. I was in a pitch black room (literally) and with the highest setting on the YN560II, I only needed ISO600 with f4.0 and ss50 for a slightly overexposed picture. Was pretty shocked.
  6. I was also researching this before and one issue you might come to light is that the debayer algorithm from the camera raw to CF is weak, giving a worse image quality than going from raw to DNG. At the end of the day, you might not have a better IQ than what you hve now using prores. And if you are thinking of converting raw to dng, then you will run into one of your fears, namely incredible $$$ on hardware and storage. best if you try it out first by borrowing a 5d but u still have to spend 299 for the gopro premium. Becuase of this I have chosen the BMPCC instead.
  7.   Btw, how are things on the audio front? have they put it back in the newest release? I am so waiting for them to sync the audio becuase there are many situations that I can use where I don't need to record the audio externally and internal audio would save lots of time.   you mentioned they are making strides? what are they? Thanks
  8. come on people, get it back into your pants, she does not belong here...
  9. Hello Andrew, If you are doing an update on the guide anytime soon, I would love to have a section on dealing with audio recording, thanks!
  10. Just post a thread addressed to Andrew Reid and pray he responds!
  11. yongnuo is the standard cheap chinese alternative most people buy.
  12. Thanks!   So I guess it comes down to either   1) a simpler workflow and hardware requirements (i.e. computing power, storage space) with cineform but with slightly less quality, but this can be improved in post (I presume the IQ after post here will still slightly be worse than the IQ after post in option 2 below), or   2) a more compllicated workflow and HW requirements (DNG)but with better IQ   That is universe divine! proves the saying you never get a free lunch, always pros and cons to each.   Also you mentioned that the raw2gpcf113 is an old version, do you knw which is the newest version or have the link to it? thanks!
  13. Hello Damon,   Any updates on the noise issue you mentioned? I am just getting into 5d raw and I would like to establish the workflow I can use. If there is a noise issue with the cineform then perhaps I would go another route. Itseems that from some other posts here and on the ML site, some people are experiencing the same thing but none of them got much help on the matter. Interestingly enough, Andrew seems to be using the cineform workflow and his clips look noise free.   From the above, it seems that there are 2 possible reasons for the noise:   1) low iso (Most of Andrews clips on this website seem to be testing the boundaries of low light so maybe thats why his clips don't have this issue? 2) raw2gpcf converter not up to par   Love to hear from you!
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