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  1. What Adobe did to Australians in pre subscription days for Photoshop. When the Australian dollar was at parity with the US dollar Adobe charged US residents about $700 and Australians around $1200. This was a product that was downloaded and not sent in a box so there were no freight charges. They were called into a senate hearing along with Apple and Microsoft for overcharging Australians. Their main comment was “that is the cost of doing business in Australia” and to basically suck it up.
  2. Noob question, I thought a bricked camera could always be recovered by Canon service by replacing the chip or motherboard even if you had to pay for it.
  3. The Sony RX100M4 has a 5 minute recording time at the higher levels, then you have to wait for it to cool. Canon use a heat sink in the 1DC so presumably can record longer. Some of the posts say that Sony can do it with the RX100M4 but not mentioned the 5 minute recording time. So that is one of the trade-offs between the sizes of the cameras.
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