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X-T3 Exposure


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Hi All:

I just purchased a X-T3/XF 18-55 for use strictly as a video camera.  I am in the process of the learning all of the features.  Based on the settings I have now (exposure set to manual (i believe this locks the f/stop of the lens and Iso set to Auto), the videos shows a tendency to adjust exposure very quickly and is very noticeable.

Is their a way to force the camera to make more gradual changes in exposure?


BTW.  I am shooting interior real estate videos.  Hence, light is not always optimal and may change.


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For real estate videos you should be going slow enough to cut out the jumps. Just scrub through the footage then when you see a jump cut it out and overlap the clips a bit. Maybe half a second, just play with it and use what looks best. Then add a cross fade and bingo. Probably unnoticeable. ?

I have tried variable NDs and click-less aperture lenses but cutting out the jumps has been better for slow footage. When manually twisting on such a small camera you will probably cause movement which ruins the video.

I guess if my way doesn't work you can use the warp stabilizer on the footage with your lens with a variable ND. The lens OIS will help minimize the micro movements. The issue is that you have to meticulously scan the footage in post, whereas cutting out the jumps is super fast.

Smooth ISO would have made the camera perfect. 

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