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Canon t5i, GH2, or Sony...?


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Hi guys,


Long time reader, first time poster. I have a small production company, we shoot some studio stuff weekly, and venture out making some comedy sketches, and soon we hope to be doing some slightly heavier drama. we always strive to make our stuff look great, but we're a small run-and-gun team. We work out of backpacks with mostly handheld kit.


We need a new camera. One we can sync our H6N into, use in the studio with our Autocue, our Stedicam and take out on shoots. We've narrowed it down to the 700D(T5i), the GH2/3 (? same ?) and the A57. Can you offer any advice? 


Important factors are :


Form factor

Ease of use and battery life


Lens availability

usability (Focus peaking would be nice...)


Thank in advance - and before I'm lambasted I know this will have been asked a hundred times, but trawling though all the posts will take an age....

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If you are looking for high-quality image for the dollar, the GH3 will win hands-down in this price range. It has a headphone jack, making this a standout from all the others. Additionally it has 60p, a lovely overcrank.


The T5i offers no real benefits -- buy a used T3i and invest in glass if you really want a Rebel. If you are going Canon, though, find a used 7D instead. (The upcoming RAW hacks for the 7D will make it a winner when you need high-quality B-roll.) 


If you want the best image on a budget, the BMPCC will be the winner. It's high-dynamic range can't be beat for anything under $2k. However, it isn't the most usable package, so unless you love color-grading footage and buying lots of media, I'd go with a 7D or a GH3.

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I agree with Ben.  Panasonic specializes in video.  They have tweaked the hell out of their CODEC.  With the GH3 you get all i-frame compression which is as good as you'll get for in-camera video in a consumer price range.  There is nothing fast or easy about RAW. 


> Form factor

for video, GH3 hands down.


Ease of use and battery life

> same. Canon video is afterthought.





> Lens availability

DSLR auto-focus stinks, stinks, stinks.  So if you have to manually focus anything it doesn't make a difference.  An adapter for any lens to M43ds is $20 (or $75 if you want a nice finish).  


> usability (Focus peaking would be nice...)

Video, GH3 hands down


I don't even own a GH3, I own a GF3 and a G5 and even those lowly cameras do better video than my (close your eyes Nikon people) Nikon D600.  

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