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Sony & Samsung 48MP sensors arrived...


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Smartphones finally doing the extreme wide angle to long telephoto that a single sensor fixed zoom lens camera could never do:


If only Google Play services were reinstated to Huawei phones ... it is going to be an interesting flagship year, considering this and S20 Ulitra:


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On 1/18/2020 at 9:32 PM, Andrew Reid said:

I just got a Mate 30 Pro.

Very large sensor in the ultra wide camera, for a change. Quality is very good but colour can be hit or miss, prefer naturalness and consistency of the iPhone

Remember it's not all about specs!

Of course it is not. GSMarena reviews clearly show that behind the amazing specs, there is average image quality for many Huawei phones (and other brands). However, limiting the reach of a very innovative OEM theoretically lowers competitiveness and the consumer can be fed the same products generation after generation.

Either way, I value the more versatile zoom range in a device that is not meant for video work, but rather for documenting your life.

Anyway, Samsung S20 Ultra will be a (costly) beast and it will be release globally.

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It was recorded using a 48mp chip, which is meant to be used a quad bayer array (pixel binning 4 small pixels for 1 big one giving you 12mps and 4K resolution). If used at full resolution, the results are underwhelming in photo mode, so video can't be any better.

I've said it before - even the best smartphone 4K is only equal to a good 1080p from a dedicated camera with a big sensor, so the 8K pixels only make sense as a method for better downsampled 4K. Qualcomm is only flexing their processing power with this demo. Samsung S20 series will to 8K video, so we will get to see some samples in a few weeks.

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