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Nikon Z6 / Z7 to go RAW with Atomos Ninja V - could Panasonic be next?

Andrew Reid

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1 hour ago, BTM_Pix said:

I'm still hopeful they can work together to add ProRes RAW to my original one as one last firmware hurrah.

I'd buy the Ninja V in a heartbeat, not least to gain an actual viable monitoring capability !

Even now is a good option.

4:2:2 4K 8bit to SD cards and UHD 4K/60p with an Atomos (does it with the V though?) raw maybe is too much to ask. Certainly the new one with the Atomos cheap. I believe we still have interesting things to expect from JVC. They have produced excellent camcorders in the past.

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Canon will respond to this with their new Canon MJPEG RAW!  

Prores RA To reflect the crop factor.

Breaking news: Canon responds to the Nikon's move by reducing the 4k crop by a factor of 0.1x. However DPAF will be disabled in this mode.

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Well it looks like Atomos and RED have settled the differences that I mentioned a few weeks ago with a royalty deal.

It still doesn't specifically mention what IP of RED's that Atomos had been violating but it does seem widely accepted to have been to do with compressed RAW.

Whether this means that prices of the Ninja V etc will increase or that Atomos absorbs the royalty figure from their profit remains to be seen.

No word yet on whether RED have insisted on any alignment re-branding so that it would now have to become the Atomos DELTA FORCE OBLITERATOR MOTHERFUCKA to denote it using some of RED's technology.


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Fair play to them for defending their patents and it does make me curious about where BRAW sits in relation to this.

Glad to see it settled though as it would have been a major bummer for people motivated buying into the Nikon Z system by the ProRes RAW option to have it then taken away.

You never know, it might have been the prospect of this lawsuit that had been holding other manufacturers from getting involved with co-developments with Atomos and ProRes RAW and we will see a few more stepping forward now its settled.


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