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Atomos Ninja V SSD Question

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6 hours ago, IronFilm said:



10 hours ago, androidlad said:


You don't have to use the Angelbird mini SSD, full size drives work too but they will protrude to the left side a bit.

Thank you for the video and the link. Ive been to that link, but The Atomos site isn’t very clear about what SSDs are compatible with the Ninja V. It only mentions the minis. They also do not have the a section for the Ninja V under supported devices. 

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On 9/27/2018 at 2:15 AM, chadandreo said:

Does anyone know if the Ninja V will work with non SSDmini SSD's?

If not, what SSD would you recommend for the X-T3 and other cameras with similar specs?

I believe I’m using WD Blue in my Ninja V and haven’t had any issues yet with X-T3, EOS R, Z6, and A7 III  

Also have some off brand OCZ that came with my Ninja from eBay. That has worked okay as well. 

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23 hours ago, hijodeibn said:

Samsung 850 and 860 Pro are the way to go, they work in all Atomos.

The 860 Evo still works fine. Just make sure you use the 1TB version or higher (sustained write speeds drop off in the smaller capacity drives relative to the pro versions, but are the same for 1TB and higher capacities).


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