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Sony A7 III or Fujifilm X-H1?


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1 hour ago, aaa123jc said:

But if I'm shooting for fun, yeah definitely want to play with some old glasses. Plus it is very cool looking as well. Like I am suddenly become great at photography and videography or something. ?

Ahh that do take a wee bit of time to learn that.

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Going off topic a bit regarding vintage lenses...

While I am tempted to pick some up, my concern (for video) would be regarding barrel / pincushion distortion (and vignetting to an extent as well).

I understand that that cameras will automatically correct (to a certain extent) for distortion and vignetting when shooting jpgs and video.

But with vintage lenses (or lenses that don't communicate electronically), how do you correct for distortion and vignetting???

I am assuming that lenses which were designed to be shot on film cameras - and thus had no automatic corrections - were manufactured to have less distortion / vignetting (at the sake of probably sharpness or CA or flare control or something else).

There are certainly a couple of minolta lenses I would like to use on my Sony cameras.

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I would not be too worried about most vintage lenses and distortion as I do think many older lenses are better corrected than some modern ones that might be better but use in camera correction to save costs or to be better in other areas.


That said there are some old ones that have noticeable distortion (Vivitar 28mm f2 was one I had that was very noticeable).

It is also possible that some modern cameras (maybe the Sony E mount cameras) will also correct some old adapted lenses (especially older Canon EF) that use smart adapters at least a bit as often the EXIF will show as being a very different A mount lens (depends on the adapter though I think).

My FD 24 1.4 L is a lot better corrected than that old Vivitar 28 f2 was.

Most of my lenses are adapted and some are around 40 years old and others "only" thirty or so but I have not worried about distortion with any of them.

This was close up with the FD 24 L, there is no doubt some but not an issue for me.


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Search around, there are lots of good sites that review legacy lenses. Philip Reeve posts some pretty good reviews with the usual sharpness, sunstars, aberrations, and they focus on bokeh at various distances, showing a lot of the best/worst case scenarios with each lens. This is just one site, there are many others like the giant Zeiss C/Y thread on Reduser, Dyxum has a lot of the old Minolta stuff and so on.



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