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  1. thank you. i was using it in manual which also works, program will work better
  2. thank you so much for this, quick question, can i save it for auto mode as well? seems like i can only use for manual mode.
  3. so torn, i have pocket4k on pre-order, but want to cancel and get the NX2..err xt3 instead!!
  4. this happened with my original pocket, date kept getting pushed months out, adorama had the pocket in stock so i ordered from them. suspect same thing will happen this time.
  5. great choice! LOL. i am keeping the nx1 until something mindblowing comes along. it can adapt many lenses
  6. love the nx1, and nx500 (x2) , just got the 16-50mm S lens, saving up for the 50-150mm, if you have any doubts about the video quality out of this camera, just look at this 1080 sample: i use the nx1 with : tokina 28-70mm, 24-70mm L, sigma 18-35mm, all the cheap pancakes (16, 30, 45) , i think you can adapt fuji lenses as well. the NXL speedbooster is a must with the nx1. The only thing that may replace my nx1 is pocket4k, but that remains to be seen. Sony is heck of a camera which can also adapt lenses easily. here is NX1 autofocus test with samsung lens
  7. just got mine too. waiting for the pocket4k as well. primeday was great, i got a MFT speedbooster for 138 bucks, paired it with the tokina 28-70mm on the pocket cinema and it worked great, cant wait to try on P4K.
  8. *agreed . that USC_C looks like it won't hold up to field use. likely will need a cage with port protector and maybe breakaway cable. (hopefully) not breaking away will recording raw. LOL 500GB is still 127 on b and h website
  9. there was a hot deal few days ago for the T5, anyone know if you can get curly USB C cable ?
  10. do we need to have the latest nx1 firmware to do this? i haven't update the firmware to latest. safe to use?
  11. this may sound silly, but i use canon wide angle on my samsung 45mm and results are great, silent and fast autofocus, it stays on my nx1. Canon WD-H43 Wide Converter 0.7x 43mm
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