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Metabones Speed Booster for Micro Four Thirds - First Look and GH3 images

Andrew Reid

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It's a really nice product but the downsides are:


-Oval shape specular hightlights 

shown on this video at 6:22 


(correct me if I'm wrong but even thought in this test it isnt the M4T version, I presume it has the same issue)

-Slow autofocus (dont care much for video)

-"Onion ring" bokeh (we can see those on the first image Andrew posted) I find that this very disapointing.


am I missing anything?

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I've been counting the days for the EF version of speed booster... 

I'm really disappointed.. why haven't they made it their first priority? Is Metabones actually committed to it?


EF version of speed booster will be nothing short of huge news.. Much larger than enabling Leica R lenses

So am I inferring too much here that Metabones is holding back? Or is there a technical limitation? 

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Andrew, are the summicrons in combination with the speed booster the "poor man's" summilux (which might be even sharper..?) Or is the image quality wide open not as good so that one needs to go back to f2.0 anyway?

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So, anyone thinking about the Sigma 18-35mm  F/1.8? 27-52mm F/1.2 !!
The lens looks big and heavy, and probably expensive, which defeats the purpose of my acquisition of the GH3 for general
lightweight-ness on rigs and travel... but man, would be a sick set, low light n' general use. 


I have been thinking about that since I read about that lens!

I hope the price isn't up in the clouds (though it'd be understandable, perhaps a better strategy would be to make it more accesible to more people?) and that the EF Speed Booster is finally out before that lens is released.

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Andrew I have a small request - can you tell me ( or provide some short test ) if GH3 with speedbooster has the same depth of field as APS-C nex ( both using the same lens )? Is speedboostedGH3 depth of field as shalow as aps-c's one?

Thanks a lot


So is the speedboostedGH3 depth of field as shallow as nex-6 depth of field ( or any aps-c camera ) ?







*edit* ...depth of field has nothing to do with lenses... same or not, doesn´t matter... 1. sensor size, 2. aperture, 3. distance to target vs. distance to background

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