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  1. Thanks for the test!   I spotted a typo "You have to bear this in mind and how it effects your lenses"
  2. It's a really nice product but the downsides are: -Oval shape specular hightlights shown on this video at 6:22 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVOhac0FQkw (correct me if I'm wrong but even thought in this test it isnt the M4T version, I presume it has the same issue) -Slow autofocus (dont care much for video) -"Onion ring" bokeh (we can see those on the first image Andrew posted) I find that this very disapointing. am I missing anything?
  3.   I took a good look at both raw DNG files.. and I wouldnt say BMCC has a clear advantage.. they look pretty even to me.. If BMCC has better DR, which is possible.. then it's very hard to tell with these DNG.
  4.     I'm curious, how do you mesure DR using black raw frames? whats the process.
  5. The Black magic cinema camera is said to be 13 stops on their website: http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/blackmagiccinemacamera/   But if you look at the footage comparison with the 5d mark III raw and BMCC here: http://***URL not allowed***/?p=17976   Focus on the sky, you clearly have more detail from the Canon. If it ain't 14Stops right there.. it's has to be close.    H -I would be curious to know if the rolling shutter has changed when recording raw -Also 60fps tests in 720p would be awesome ;)
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