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Metabones Speed Booster for Micro Four Thirds - First Look and GH3 images

Andrew Reid

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Didn't get mine from eBay, they're all crazy prices on there.

Yeah, exactly! I just read it as if you bought them on eBay. Could you maybe point me in a direction as to where I could find them a bit cheaper than eBay? (I'm living in London) Or could I very kindly ask you to let me know if you stumble upon any? 

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Thanks a lot for the review,


I plan on using a SpeedBooster with a Fuji X camera, and two of the lenses I'd like to use are ones you used in your article.


I have a 50mm Summicron-R (last version no ROM):



and a 28mm Elmarit-R (last version no ROM but same design - built in hood, etc):



When initially planning on purchasing it, Metabones had a disclaimer stating that these two lenses required modification prior to being used on a Speedbooster (whether for 4/3, Fuji, Nex, etc).  So I decided not to buy it.  I've since run across you're article and see you using it with these lenses.


Could I confirm that the copy of the 28mm and 50mm you have are the most recent versions (ROM or not)?


Did you need to do any modifications?  Can you use the lenses without issues?


Metabones still eludes to modification needed on some Leica lenses on their website, but no longer specificies which lenses they are (but if you look on some re-sellers pages you can see the original info).


I'm not sure if something has been updated, or the modification was only needed in some unique circumstances.  


I'd really appreciate your reply, I greatly want to use my R lenses on mirror less cameras...



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