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  1. These are great - have watched them so many times! Actually just bought the Hypergonar Hi-Fi 2 today as well as the Rangefinder.
  2. It still seems you didn't shoot correctly with A7s and with that in mind it makes a lot of sense that you see a big difference between the two. You mention that you have used the 1Dc extensively but not the A7s an that alone, to me at least, makes your statements invalid. That its backed up by a pro working for Sony too is invalid unless you can present his findings. If you expose the A7s "correctly" (meaning not ETTR) you will get more noise because the sensor needs the extra 1 or 2 stops of light. The 1Dc on the other hand works best if you expose it "correctly" Even with this taken into consideration I still don't find it realistic that the 1Dc can be as sensitive. Unfortunately I don't have a 1Dc so I can test it for my self.
  3. I would love to see douglaurent compare the 1Dc to 35mm film. Lol. Btw, when is the next part of the review coming up?
  4. http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?303559-Measuring-rolling-shutter-put-a-number-on-this-issue!
  5. ​That is normally the case for bit depth and DR, but not as much for ISO - especially not with the codecs on the A7s and 1Dc. Even with a big difference between video and photo the relation between the two should still be roughly the same, right?
  6. ​Being a A7s owner I find it very difficult to recognise any of what you are writing. I don't have the Shogun yet but can't imagine it would affect the ISO performance. I know DxOMark are not always the best source of information for filmmakers but in regards to ISO I find their numbers very believable. As the 1Dc and 1Dx share the same sensor I have chosen to compare the A7s to that: A7s score: 3702 1Dx score: 2786 http://www.dxomark.com/Cameras/Compare/Side-by-side/Sony-A7S-versus-Canon-EOS-1Dx___949_753 ​I don't see how one of the biggest test labs could be more than a 1000 points off, but please let me know if I have missed anything.
  7. I'm really curios to see if the Shogun will record 120 fps 1080p Proves from the A7s!
  8. It seems that not many GH4 owners care that much for dynamic range but more about internal 4K. It doesn't surprise me that the GH4 is barely 11 stops, looking at all the GH4 stuff available it is very apparent that the dynamic range is around 11-12 stops.
  9. This is very interesting: http://***URL not allowed***/dynamic-range-sony-a7s-vs-arri-amira-canon-c300-5d-mark-iii-1dc-panasonic-gh4/ Brief summary: Amira: 14.5 A7s: 14.1 5D Mark III: 11.8 1DC: 11.7 C300: 11.4 GH4: 10.9
  10. Depends how good your colour grader is and how bad you light things.
  11. I think people tend to forgot DR. We can discuss this forever, but resolution and but depth isn't everything. IMHO the most difficult thing to correct/change is DR ergo is should be the highest priority. To me that gives the nicest images and is why the A7s looks so much nicer. And that's talking from a professional point of view.
  12. I think 14 vs 12 stops says it all. But again, people have different opinion as to what makes an image cinematic. And no Jason, I don't think you're missing anything. Although (how stupid it might be) this is a post with "who wins the 4K battle on paper" in the titel (and we are still commenting on it)
  13. After having seen the ISO comparison I've been wondering is it's fair to compare these to cameras? To me they are to very different cameras with very different specs aimed at different people. I would pick the A7s over the GH4 any time, but that's only because I value dynamic range, full frame sensor, ISO performance and quality photos higher than internal 4K, high bit rates, small sensor, M43 mount and small form factor. Other persons have their own features that makes either camera suited for them.
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