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  1. this came out very very clean how far are you pushing the shadows and under what settings? natural normal -5's ? I use a GH3 im honestly trying to become more fluid in my CC but im such a minimalist for certain things I do. Shorts id love to stop things down and become better at CC.
  2. Hi Andrew Im sure youve been asked before but is there any Vignette for the 18-35mm lens on the slightly less crop factor for the GH3? Ive once again been delayed on my pana leica 1.2 42.5mm so the possible time frame for a full electronic metabones + sigma combo feels likely again for me.
  3. I was hoping you could post some links so we could observe for ourselves the vignetting from using the Sigma 18-35mm with metabones attached to the GH3/G6 it would be much appreciated,
  4. Can anyone tell me if the Metabones EF to m43 will have electronic connectors aswell? also aside from that will the Metabones work with crop lenses from EF to m43 or will only FF lenses work Thanks
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